Demos and American Prospect Launch ‘Taxes Matter 2012’ Week

New York–(ENEWSPF)–April 9, 2012.  Public interest in the tax rate of Warren Buffet’s secretary, Mitt Romney’s capital gains, and the rise of super wealthy supporters of Super PACs all point to an undeniable fact facing the United States: Our tax system is one that favors the wealthy and powerful increasingly at the expense of our democracy. Demos, the nonpartisan progressive policy center, and its publishing partner The American Prospect will examine questions of unfairness and inequality in the tax system in a six day-series.

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“Taxes Matter 2012” is running on the week ahead of Federal Tax Day (April 9th-17th) and will feature analyses from Demos’ policy experts and will a set of info-graphics available for distribution. 

Articles to be published include the following:

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ABOUT “TAXES MATTER” WEEK: Every year during federal tax season, Demos works to shift the conversation around taxes and the common good.  During “Taxes Matter” week, Demos experts unpack the anti-tax narratives that would unravel the civic institutions that have made America great and that were made possible by tax revenue.