Bruce Rauner Continues to Advocate Rigged Tax System

Rauner opposes tax surcharge on millionaires, wants $1 million tax break for himself

Chicago, IL –(ENEWSPF)—October 24, 2014. Billionaire gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner continued to push for new sales taxes in a meeting today with the editorial board of the State Journal Register, but he was silent on his opposition to the “millionaires surcharge,” an advisory ballot question asking voters whether the state’s richest residents—like Rauner himself—should be asked to pay their fair share to support public schools.

Rauner’s plan is in direct conflict with what Illinois resident think is fair. Despite his lip service on education funding, Rauner strongly opposes the millionaires surcharge that would boost school funding by a billion dollars annually, while the tax plan Rauner has been campaigning on would slash his own taxes by $1 million a year, and cut education funding by $4 billion.

Illinois voters support an income tax system based on the ability to pay, according to a recent poll.  By a 20-point margin, Illinois voters support the millionaires surcharge, with upper-income voters supporting the measure by an even larger margin, 61% to 33%.  A system based on ability to pay would put Illinois in line with the vast majority of states.

“Illinoisans want an income tax system in which middle class families and minimum wage workers pay a lower rate than millionaires and billionaires like Bruce Rauner,” said Waltmire.

Rauner and his companies have a history of avoiding taxes. Rauner famously contributed nothing to Social Security and Medicare for two straight years and a company he directed failed to pay $81,000 in Illinois taxes.

“Rauner is seeking to rig the game for the rich, while shafting everyday families,” said Waltmire.  “Illinois cannot afford billionaire Bruce Rauner.”

Source: Illinois Freedom PAC