Commentary and Video: Remembering John Lennon

By Rosemary Piser

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)—December 10, 2012. Thirty-two years ago today, a mentally ill individual extinguished the life of John Lennon – a man who tried to teach the world how to live in peace.

Today many of the Baby Boomer generation like myself, will spend some time listening to John’s music and remembering his message of peace. When most of us think of John’s musical legacy we tend to think of those wonderful songs he wrote while a member of the Beatles. However, much of his post-Fab Four work continues to be very relevant today.

One of my favorite post-Beatles Lennon songs is “Working Class Hero” which he recorded with the Plastic Ono Band. At a time when the working class in the United States appear to be under attack, John’s song provides the reasons why those in the working class are our real heroes. Take a few minutes to listen to this poignant song and remember the wisdom of John Lennon.