Moms from Oregon, Colorado and Washington Endorse Measure 91 to Regulate, Legalize and Tax Marijuana

OREGON—(ENEWSPF)—October 17, 2014. Today, moms from Oregon, Washington and Colorado gathered at the Yes on 91 headquarters to show their support for Measure 91, which would regulate, legalize and tax marijuana for adults 21 and older.

“My top priority is the safety of my children,” said Leah Mauer, who founded a Facebook group called Moms for Yes on 91. “The current approach is failing to keep them safe. A better approach is to take marijuana away from illegal dealers and cartels and put it behind the counter at a regulated, inspected and properly zoned store.”

Colorado and Washington are already experiencing successful results from their approval of the regulated use of marijuana:

Teen use and access to marijuana is down in Colorado. (Source: US News & World Report, Aug. 7

Arrests are down for marijuana violations. (Source: The Denver Post, Jan. 14)

Traffic fatalities are at near historic lows. (Source: The Washington Post, Aug. 5)

Teen use of marijuana has also gone down since legalization in Portugal, the Netherlands and other countries where marijuana is legally sold. (Source: Time Magazine, April 26, 2009; andUC Berkeley, Sept. 13, 2011)

The benefits of legalization in Oregon will outweigh the costs. (Source: The University of Oregon, Oct. 16, 2014)

Mothers from Washington and Colorado reported that little has changed since marijuana became legal, except that police are refocused on violent crimes and money going to cartels and gangs is now going to essential public services.

“There are only a couple stores in Spokane, one of them is next door to Jazzercise,” said Cathy Doerr, a mom of three from Spokane, Washington. “Even though a store opened there, nothing has changed. I feel as safe as ever and I feel more comfortable knowing that marijuana is being sold from behind a counter where someone is checking ID. I think that will keep it away from teenagers.”