My Interview with Bob Sullivan of MSNBC from 2010!

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Chicago, IL-(ENEWSPF)- My interview with Bob Sullivan of MSNBC is apparently available for embedding!

Bob interviewed me in 2010 about my Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which I am still paying, faithfully, every month. For another year-and-a-half, basically.

Bob was great, as was Attorney General Lisa Madigan ("AG," as her staff referred to her during my morning in her office).

Bob listened thoughtfully, carefully, and accurately reported what I told him that day.

Trust me, this was not the way I ever imagined myself making national television.

But the scam was real. And I fell for it. The company even had a positive rating from the BBB when I signed up.

The company is now not BBB accredited.

The BBB website includes this inglorious news: "! Debt Settlement USA, Inc. is Believed to Be Out of Business !

Does that mean I can now break the confidentiality clause I signed with them when they settled?

I’m not going to take that chance.

But, thank you, Lisa Madigan; and thank you, Bob Sullivan, for your help in this matter.

Anyhow, please, please be careful.

And read Bob Sullivan’s column about my experience here.

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