Park Forest Mayor & Mrs. Ostenburg Endorse Robin Kelly for Illinois’ 2nd Congressional District

Democratic Primary Election to be Held on Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)—January 29, 2013. On Tuesday, February 26, several individuals will be listed on the ballot in the Democratic Primary Election to succeed former Congressman Jesse L. Jackson Jr. as U.S. Representative from Illinois’ 2nd Congressional District. I believe ROBIN KELLY is the best of those candidates and I ask that you join my wife and me in voting to send her to Washington, D.C.

ROBIN KELLY is superbly qualified to serve in Congress for several reasons. Here are but a few that I believe to be extremely important. 

ROBIN KELLY is the most experienced of all the candidates,

  • having served at the municipal level as an administrator for the Village of Matteson,
  • having served at the state level as a member of the Illinois General Assembly, as the chief of staff for the Illinois State Treasurer, and as the Democratic nominee for State Treasurer,  
  • having served as the chief of the Bureau of Administration for Cook County, being one of the first major appointments made by then newly-elected Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle.

No other candidate in this race has experience at the municipal, county, and state levels.  

ROBIN KELLY has the courage of her convictions. A good example is that she has publicly and courageously stated that she will support legislation to control the sale and distribution of assault weapons, and of high-capacity magazines used recently in multiple mass-shootings across the country. Unlike some of her opponents, she held that position before becoming a candidate for Congress, and well before the most recent mass-shooting in Connecticut, and she continues to hold it today.

ROBIN KELLY is committed to the creation of a south suburban airport that will create thousands of new jobs for our region and will increase the economic well-being of all areas of the 2nd Congressional District. Her commitment to the airport project is unwavering. She has worked for the project for several years and is committed to seeing it to fruition.

ROBIN KELLY is a team-builder who has demonstrated — through the Unity Coalition and other avenues — her unique ability to bring together persons of different backgrounds and beliefs in order to promote the common good. At no time in our nation’s history has such a commitment to cooperation been so important to the deliberations taking place in our nation’s capitol.

ROBIN KELLY holds a doctorate in government-related studies from Northern Illinois University. Her own achievement in this regard is illustrative of the deep commitment she has for providing advanced educational opportunities for both young persons and adults who reside in our region.

ROBIN KELLY understands the importance of staying in close contact with the persons that she represents. I know from personal experience how well she has reached out to mayors and other elected officials to gain their input on important public policy issues. I personally can attest that she did this as a state representative, and as a senior-level administrator in both the Office of the State Treasurer and the Office of the Cook County Board President.

Clearly, ROBIN KELLY is the best candidate to assure that the residents of the 2nd Congressional District are well-served in Washington, D.C. Her personal ethics are above reproach, and her stature as a leader is unquestioned.

Please join Jackie and me in voting for ROBIN KELLY for Congress of the United States 2nd Illinois District in the Democratic Primary Election on Tuesday, February 26, 2013.