Robin Kelly Response to the Chicago Tribune report on Hutchinson’s NRA Questionnaire

Matteson, Il—(ENEWSPF)–February 5, 2013. Robin Kelly, Democratic candidate for Congress, released the following statement after the Chicago Tribune obtained a copy of Senator Toi Hutchinson’s NRA questionnaire that earned her their endorsement and multiple A ratings.

“After refusing to release her NRA questionnaire for weeks, we know what Senator Hutchinson was hiding. She didn’t want voters in Chicago and the Southland to know that she promised the NRA that she would oppose an assault weapons ban. That she would oppose outlawing high capacity magazine clips.

Toi Hutchinson says that Newtown, CT changed her perspective, but she agreed with the NRA’s extreme positions despite the killing happening on our own streets. The only thing that ‘changed’ for Toi Hutchinson is that she entered a race for Congress where her past support of the NRA’s agenda was no longer politically convenient.  

It’s clear now that we can’t trust Toi Hutchinson or Debbie Halvorson to protect our communities against gun violence because both were willing to stand with the NRA when we needed them most. I am the only candidate in the race ready to stand with President Obama to stop the NRA and their pro-gun agenda.”

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