Today, Rod Blagojevich Stands A Convicted Felon


This is not a huge victory, but, while virtually everyone in the state of Illinois bemoans the failure of the prosecution and the jury to render more convictions on the 24 charges, make no doubt:

Former Governor Rod Blagojevich is now a convicted felon.

Yes, he plans to appeal. Yes, the government, right now, plans to take him to trial again, but, right now, Rod stands convicted.

On the same charge that took Martha Stewart off the streets for a while.

Rest well, Illinois. The government — such as it is — gets another bite at the apple. Maybe next time they’ll chart a path less convoluted for any fourth year law student, let alone a jury of ordinary, well-intentioned citizens.

A friend tells me Rod will serve no time.

Heck. Rod said he would be vindicated in trial.

I’m not so sure. That didn’t happen.

Rod Blagojevich, convictec felon, will likely see the inside of a courtroom soon.

And the summer of Blagojevich continues still.