USW: The Most Important Deficit is a Jobs Deficit

Pittsburgh, PA—(ENEWSPF)—July 26, 2011. Leslie Marshall, host of the The Leslie Marshall Show, talks with United Steelworkers (USW) President Leo W. Gerard about Republican representation, deficits and tax cuts.

They opened the discussion talking about government representation. Gerard said, “We have a Republican Party that believes it’s there to govern for the already rich, the already powerful, millionaires and billionaires and the top 400 in this country.

“We got a Bush induced trade deficit, economic deficit, budget deficit, everything deficit you can imagine,” said Gerard, “but the most important deficit we have is a jobs deficit.”

They talked about the ballooning debt and how Republicans spent tax dollars like a group of “drunken monkeys.”

Gerard reminded listeners that the Wall Street corruption happened under the watch of George Bush.  “And now they come to us and they say to us, they say to seniors, they say to the disadvantaged, they say to the disabled, they say you have to give up and pay for this.

Using a familiar line, he said, “if tax cuts for the rich created jobs, George Bush should have left with full employment.”

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