Is The Day Of Reckoning Near For The GOP?

Bruce Lindner
Bruce Lindner. (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

By Bruce Lindner

“If Mr. Trump has a substantial delegate majority at day’s end, it would take an extraordinary effort to defeat him, even with 40% of the delegates (most in proportional contests) remaining to be selected after March 15. Put another way: Donald Trump could well have a lock on the nomination after March 15 if a fragmented opposition gives him an absolute majority of delegates on that day […] It’s my hope, that traditional conservative voters will reject him.”

~ Karl Rove

Well no swingin’ shit, Karl. Should that happen, and I agree with you, the Donald’s in the glide path now, the big question will be “Then what?”

Karl Rove, the very face of the GOP establishment is warning that if Trump isn’t stopped within the next few weeks, it’ll be too late to stop him at all.

You just have to pause to savor the deliciousness of that irony. Here’s Turdblossom himself; heir apparent to Lee Atwater’s school of victory-via-sleaze, bellyaching that Donald Trump; a man who’s tapped into the maniacal arm of the party that Rove himself created—is predicting doom and gloom for the party of Lincoln if Trump isn’t stopped. Well Karl, maybe you should have considered the possible butterfly effect of your actions years ago.

Did you really think dividing the electorate by race wouldn’t one day come back to bite you in your pasty white ass? Did it never cross your mind when you and your brethren at Fox News (including Glenn Beck, who’s also joined the ‘Stop Trump’ movement), that when you fanned the flames of anti-government hostility that you would still be able to contain it once it reached a fever pitch?

When you sang praises for the ‘Tea Party’ movement back in early 2009 as they marched on the National Mall carrying racist signs and banners protesting the election of the first African-American President, were you under the impression that they’d still be doing your bidding seven years on? You called them “patriots” at that time, Karl. Are they still patriots now that they’re rejecting everything you’ve built? Everything you stand for?

Poor Karl. Sucks to be you. The salivating beast that you, Fox News, Beck, and all the so-called “establishment” Republicans created is about to take a huge dump on your party. That boulder rolling downhill is on a collision course with the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland Ohio, the RNC Convention in July.

So I’ll repeat the big question: Then what? A Donald Trump nomination will probably herald an official splitting up of the Republican Party as we know it, and could possibly end it PERIOD. What then becomes of the establishment? Your hand-picked boys; Scott Walker, Jeb! Bush, et al have all gone down in flames. They never had a chance. The rabid arm refers to them as “RINOS;” Republicans in Name Only. The fact is, the radicals are the new establishment and the old guard are now on the periphery, frantically clinging to their remaining power.

And it isn’t because Walker, Bush, Christie and Kasich didn’t represent the “traditional conservative values” you’ve touted all these years, they absolutely did…it’s because the monster you created isn’t interested in traditional conservative values. They’ve been fed a steady diet of bigotry, paranoia, xenophobia, misogyny, Islamophobia and neo-Fascism, all washed down with a big tankard full of nationalism for so long now, nothing else is palatable.

They don’t CARE that Trump doesn’t know 2 Corinthians from Rocky 2. They don’t CARE that he’s obviously lying about his positions on social issues. They don’t CARE that he mocks women and the handicapped. They don’t CARE that he lied about Mexican rapists and Muslims cheering 9/11. They don’t CARE that he doesn’t play by your rules. They only care that he promises to create an America in the image that you yourselves have nurtured; a Fortress America where minorities know their place, and outsiders remain on the outside. That’s what he means when he promises to “Make America great again.”

You’ve created the spoiled little snot that you’re now unsuccessfully wrestling to tame—at the midnight hour no less. Come January 2017, I predict the GOP, or what’s left of it by then, will have their day of reckoning. Or they’ll go the way of the Whigs.

Bruce Lindner is a resident of Portland, Oregon. originally from Danville, California. Bruce writes on a variety topics, and we especially welcome his commentary. During the day, you may be able to catch up wih him at Pony Espresso as he travels his daily mobile espresso route, bringing enticing beverages and compelling conversation along the way. Follow him on Facebook.