To the Editor – October 26, 2009

Caveat Emptor this Modern Press

To the Editor:

In Colonial times, newspaper articles were rampant with bias and little distinction was made between news and editorial. Could it be that the internet, with more publishers, has given more opportunity for this and has drifted in that direction? Let the buyer beware, even if you are paying primarily with your time.

Our youngsters are required to substantiate their sources for authenticity when quoting items taken from the internet for class research papers.

In the ’80s and today, the press and now the internet is still a gatekeeper. It is said that the barons of journalism were conservative and the journalists were liberal, but it pays for the gatekeeper to keep track of his/her own pulse. People still read what they like, unless they find something better.

Your web content manager , Joomla is open source right? (Costs a little higher than free.) Of course, there are the costs of web services and collection of content.

Peter Schaper
Park Forest, IL

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