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Clinton ‘Clobbers’ Trump in Battleground States

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NEW YORK–(ENEWSPF)–September 27, 2016. Today, Americans in battleground states from Nevada to New Hampshire are waking up to reviews of last night’s debate and they’re not good for Donald Trump, believe me. Trump was grossly unprepared for this debate and showed himself to be grossly unprepared for the presidency. He was incoherent, unhinged, disqualified himself at every level, and it shows in the coverage from battleground states.

See below for a roundup of debate coverage from battleground states:
Des Moines Register Column: Prepared Hillary Clinton clobbers Donald Trump in debate
The scorecard pundits were describing before the first presidential debate boiled down to this: Trump needed to seem competent and presidential and Clinton needed to seem trustworthy and personable.
Well, except for his almost-tranquil first few answers, Trump dropped into his usual, free-associating style. He was loose with facts, short on details and exactly the sort of undisciplined non-politician that helped him win the GOP nomination.
Washington Post editorial: The first debate proved again that only one of the candidates is fit to be president
Monday night’s debate told the story of this year’s presidential race. The Republican primary process failed, producing a nominee who cynically or ignorantly sells a warped view of reality, disqualifying himself with practically every overheated sentence.
Penn Live: 5 reasons Clinton won the debate against Trump
One of the things Hillary Clinton has been most criticized for throughout her career – being a policy wonk – ultimately helped her win the first presidential debate against Donald Trump. Numerous political analysts are saying she drove the conversation and dominated the 90-minute slugfest Monday night at Hoftstra University in New York.
Clinton was the first to go on the offensive, saying Trump cheered for the housing collapse.
“That’s business, by the way,” he said, interrupting her.
Cleveland Plain Dealer: Round 1 goes to Hillary Clinton as Donald Trump struggles to be presidential: Debate takeaways
For the tens of millions of Americans watching the faceoff, televised live from Hofstra University, this was a chance, finally, to evaluate the candidates side-by-side. Clinton came into the debate with sky-high expectations, raised by her decades in public service and by Trump’s inexperience.
But that lack of political seasoning has served Trump well with voters drawn to an outsider, and many of his loyal fans might not be swayed by a showing in which he clearly was out of his depth.
Even so, Clinton scored more points than Trump did.
Detroit Free Press Column: In Charlotte, N.C., Clinton’s debate skills win over a crowd
After last night’s performance, after watching a world leader stand next to The Apprentice and talk about the future of the world, their decision surely must be easier now.
“I went into this with an open mind,” Price said. “Mr. Trump began well talking about trade. But he did not keep his composure. He did not represent the Republican party well. If this is about win or lose, them Mr. Trump lost.”
It is only one debate. And one debate does not make a presidency. But it sure seemed to bring Hillary Clinton one step closer.
Las Vegas Sun Analysis: Devil’s in the details — Clinton offers them, Trump doesn’t
More than ever, the difference between Hillary Clinton and Trump in their grasp of policy and their ability to offer plausible solutions to them was abundantly clear.
On job creation, Clinton walked through her multi-pronged approach that included investment in jobs in infrastructure, advanced manufacturing and energy technology, raising the minimum wage, establishing equal pay for women, inducing profit sharing, providing paid family leave and making college debt-free.
Tampa Bay Times editorial: Clinton’s solid performance vs. Trump’s bluster
Clinton dominated in a strong first segment on the economy, as she pitched her sensible proposals to help the middle class with investments in renewable energy and infrastructure. She put Trump on the defensive as she attacked his tax cuts that primarily benefit the wealthy and would significantly increase the federal deficit, calling them “Trumped-up, trickle-down” economics that have not worked in the past.
Cleveland Plain Dealer editorial: Score one for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in the first debate
If facts make a difference in American politics, and that’s an open question, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, was the clear winner of tonight’s debate with the GOP’s Donald Trump.
Michigan Chronicle: Trump Inner Bully Comes Out Swinging, Goes Out Flailing in First Debate
In tonight’s debate, Clinton showed her mastery of the issues and her sheer level of experience was on full display against a candidate who has mostly coasted on cult of personality status. If she keeps it up, or even turns up the pressure, over the coming two debates, her leading margin over Trump will almost certainly hold through November 8 on Election Day.
Sun Sentinel editorial: Hillary Clinton stronger in first debate
Iowa State Daily editorial: Clinton is clear winner of first presidential debate
Hillary Clinton did everything she needed to do and walked away with what the ISD Editorial Board believes was a clear victory. From the beginning of the night, Clinton was composed and concise. Kicking off the debate with a sly, “good to see you, Donald,” Clinton’s political expertise shone through as she offered clear and detailed answers on policy and current events.
Cleveland Plain Dealer column: Donald Trump proved he was not ready for the debate or the Oval Office
It may be only Round 1 in the great presidential debates of 2016, but can we finally agree that Donald Trump is not ready to be president of the United States?
He looked petulant, snippy, and as fussy as a toddler in the 90-minute debate on Monday at Hofstra University. Did he even prepare for the debate? It’s no wonder that when Trump claimed, “I also have a much better temperament than she has,” the audience laughed.
[W]hen it came to being intelligent, presidential, and yes, having “stamina” – Trump’s word – Clinton had it all on Monday night.
Source: http://hillaryclinton.com


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