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New Video: Trump’s Immigration Plan, In His Own Words

NEW YORK–(ENEWSPF)–August 31, 2016.  Today, Hillary for America is launching a new video on social media called “Ink Blots” that paints a vivid picture of Donald Trump’s immigration policy in his own words. From the first days of his campaign, Donald Trump has called Mexicans “rapists” and criminals and has promised to deport 16 million people, including children and U.S. citizens born here to undocumented parents. Make no mistake: Trump will always be Trump, and he is the same today as he was on the first day of his presidential campaign.

Neither a foreign trip nor a “softening” of rhetoric can change the fact that Donald Trump has a proven record of hateful comments about immigrants and dangerous policies.

TRUMP: “There certainly can be a softening.” [Sean Hannity, FOX, 8/23/16]

TRUMP: “Look, I’ve had some people say it’s a hardening actually.” [Anderson Cooper 360, CNN, 8/25/16]

He would deport an estimated 16 million, including every single undocumented immigrant and U.S. citizens born here to undocumented parents…

TRUMP: “You’re going to have a deportation force.” [CNN, 11/12/15]

TRUMP: “We have at least 11 million people in this country that came in illegally. They will go out.” [Republican Primary Debate, Houston TX, 2/25/16]

TRUMP: “They’re going to be deported… Either we have a country or we don’t.” [NBC Nightly News, 5/4/16]

TRUMP: “We’re going to keep the families together… but they have to go.” [Meet the Press, 8/16/16]

Send a deportation force into schools, workplaces and homes in communities across America…

TRUMP: “You’re going to have a deportation force, and you’re going to do it humanely…’” [Washington Post, 11/11/15]
TRUMP: “We’re rounding them up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. And they’re going to be happy because they want to be legalized. And, by the way, I know it doesn’t sound nice, but not everything is nice, somebody has to do it.” [60 Minutes, CBS, 9/27/15]
TRUMP: “You know if you back to the early 1950s, Dwight Eisenhower… he moved out 1.5 million people and brought them back to where they came from. They were here illegally. I think — it really does have big precedent.” [Hannity, Fox News, 11/10/15]
TRUMP: “…Eisenhower had the exact same situation and he moved out one and a half million people and very few people talked about it and it was a tough situation, but what he did is he did it. And, you know, I like Ike.” [Mornings With Maria, 11/6/15]
Rescind DACA and DAPA…
TRUMP: “I will immediately terminate President Obama’s illegal executive order on immigration. Immediately.” [Presidential Announcement Speech, New York NY, 6/16/15]
TRUMP: “I’m also going to cancel all unconstitutional orders, executive orders, you’ve been hearing about that. We have a little bit of an excessive executive order president and empower the rank and file ICE officers and border patrol officers to finally do the jobs that they were meant to do.” [Roast N’ Ride, Des Moines IA, 8/27/16]
End birthright citizenship and deport U.S. citizens…
The Trump Campaign’s report Immigration Reform That Will Make America Great Again calls for an end to birthright citizenship, saying it “remains the biggest magnet for illegal immigration.”
Sean Hannity: “One of the important aspects when you hear about his plan — you hear about his plan you hear about visas, you hear about people overstaying them. You hear, for example, no birth-right citizenship, correct?”
TRUMP: “Right.” [Hannity Town Hall, Fox News, Austin TX, 8/24/16]
Bill O’Reilly: “But here is a scenario, ok?  Illegal immigrant mother and father living in Los Angeles, two children who are American citizens, born here.  If you’re president do you order authorities to take that family into custody?”
TRUMP: “We have no choice.  I’m sorry, Bill.  We have to bring them out.” [O’Reilly Factor, Fox News, 8/24/15]
Subject all immigrants to religious tests and ban the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims from entering the country…
“Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” [Donald Trump Press Release, 12/7/15]
TRUMP: “Take a look at [FDR’s] presidential proclamations back a long time ago, 2525, 2526, 2527. What he was doing with Germans, Italians, and Japanese because he had to do it.” [Trump on Morning Joe, NBC News, 6/27/16]
TRUMP: “On immigration, we will temporarily suspend immigration from any place where adequate screening cannot be performed. Extreme vetting. Remember. Extreme vetting. All applicants for immigration will be vetted for ties to radical ideology, and we will screen out anyone who doesn’t share our values and love our people.” [Trump Campaign Speech, Charlotte NC, 8/18/16]
And build a giant concrete wall along our southern border.
TRUMP: “I will build a great, great wall.” [Trump Presidential Campaign Announcement, 6/16/15]
TRUMP: “We’ll call it the ‘Great Wall of Trump.'” [Mornings with Maria, Fox Business, 8/20/15]
TRUMP: “We’re going to build a wall. It’s going to be a real. It’s going to be a wall that is powerful and that people aren’t going to be going under or up or around or anything else.” [Erin Burnett Outfront, CNN, 11/12/15]
TRUMP: “It’ll be a real wall… I think the height could be 35 to 45 feet. That’s a good height.” [Hannity Town Hall, Fox News, Austin TX, 8/24/16]

WATCH: Ink Blots (Spanish)

Source: http://hillaryclinton.com





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