‘Should Grandma Smoke Pot?’ Starts Airing On Television

 Orergon–(ENEWSPF)–October 1, 2012.
Robert Platshorn Silver Tour

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Public Response To ‘Should Grandma Smoke Pot?’ Is Beyond Creator’s Greatest Expectations

By Robert Platshorn, The Silver Tour

Thanks so much for making our TV show, “Should Grandma Smoke Pot?”, a reality. Grandma’s wisdom will change the entire conversation about ending cannabis prohibition in America, Canada and maybe everywhere else. You can show everyone the truth about cannabis with a Grandma DVD. If you haven’t met Grandma, meet her now Click here and Meet Grandma 

“Should Grandma Smoke Pot?”, is running 15 times on two West Palm Beach TV stations and 14 times on Eugene Oregon TV in support of M-80 (legalization).  I will book another schedule, probably in Arkansas supporting “Issue 5″ (medical marijuana) and one or more stations in Central Florida. I am also getting prices and availabilities in San Antonio, LA and N. Fl. In many local TV markets I can arrange half hour TV slots on good stations for as little as $100-200 each. In one medium sized city, Grandma can air 40 times for $4,000 and reach millions of Americans. To date, all airings have been paid from Silver Tour funds raised on Kickstarter and the on air membership drive. Our next TV buys will empty the kitty. Memberships are coming in but slowly.

Momentum for ending the war on marijuana, is on our side. But we need “Underwriters” to sponsor airings in every state and on national networks. We can negotiate national airings for $3,000 to $9,000. If you know anyone who can underwrite national or local airtime for Grandma or if you will consider becoming an Underwriter for any amount, please contact me as soon as possible or send a check to the below address. You can be anonymous or receive credit.

We need to do this now! There are only a limited number of half hour TV slots available for this quarter and they will be in high demand for the fourth quarter. Grandma needs to be on the air every day until the election and beyond. We can and will end cannabis prohibition.

I have received hundreds of “Thank You for Grandma” emails from people who knew nothing about the benefits of cannabis and who now plan to lobby for legalization.

One elderly man with an Autistic grandson came to my door to thank me after he had seen the show on local TV and learned about Joey Perez and the Unconventional Autism Foundation. We can help so many people by putting the show on TV everywhere.

Watch for me and Grandma to be featured on John Stewart’s Daily Showin the next two weeks. Help me take advantage of this great PR opportunity, by getting our show up and running on as many stations as possible, as quickly as possible.

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