Do Not Retain These Judges in 2018; Vote NO on Judge Tommy Brewer

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Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- This is a concise listing of Cook County judges who voters should not retain in the November 6, 2018 election. We provided a more extensive list that also listed all the bar associations that evaluate judges. This is simply a list of judges who should not be retained in Cook County.

To the previous list, we add the name Tommy Brewer. We ask our readers to vote NO to retaining Tommy Brewer. Brewer is a judge of the Cook County Circuit Court. eNews Park Forest received a credible report of Judge Brewer victim-shaming a female assault victim, including laughing at the alleged victim from the bench. We find this behavior unbecoming of a jurist and implore readers to vote NO

The complete list of judges who should not be retained follows:

Kathy M. Flanagan:: 90% 
Chicago Council of Lawyers says NO

Catherine Marie Haberkorn: 91% 
Cook County Bar Association says NO

James M. Varga: 89% 
Illinois State Bar Association says NO (BWLA and LAGBAC not yet reporting)

Maura Slattery Boyle: 89% 
CCL says NO (BWLA and CCBA not yet reporting)

Tommy Brewer
Victim-shamed a female victim. Conduct unbecoming of a judge.

Matthew E. Coghlan: 44% 
Chicago Council of Lawyers, Decalogue Society of Lawyers, Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois, Lesbian and Gay Bar Association, and Puerto Rican Bar Association ALL SAY NO (BWLA AND CCBA not yet reporting)

Andrea M. Schleifer: 89% 
Illinois State Bar Association says NO (CCBA not yet reporting)

Lionel Jean-Baptiste: 80% 
Illinois State Bar Association and Lesbian and Gay Bar Association say NO (BWLA not yet reporting)

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