The FAHF — Fashion and Arts Humanity Fete Awards 2016 on Saturday, November 12


Chicago, IL.—(ENEWSPF)–October 18, 2016 – The Arts of Humanity (The AofH) via its new AofH Production division announced today the complete lineup for The FAHF Awards 2016 . Shining the spotlight on creative Do-Gooders, The FAHF Awards will be filmed on November 12, 2016 at JBTV Studios.

“I’m so excited that this year, we’ll be able to feature the talents of many of our FAHF Humanitarians,” states Renita Manley-Garrett, Executive Producer and Director of The FAHF Awards. “I’m even more excited that the world will be able to watch a recap of this year’s production on the Billboard winning JBTV Music Television program, which airs on TUFF TV and WJYS, this winter.”

Local celebrities and powerful influencers are confirmed as FAHF 2016 award presenters including: Natalie Martinez of NBC News, celebrity blogger and Chicago Tribune social columnist Candace Jordan, Englewood 5K Creator Andrea NaTay, Ted Reilly of Chicago Media Angels, IFP President Nicole Bernardi-Reis, and Emmy nominated host Whitney Reynolds of The Whitney Reynolds Show. “I’m incredibly honored to be a presenter at this year’s FAHF Awards -Chicago is a rich, artistic, and vibrant community, and it’s great to be able to shine a spotlight on those who are using their creative skills to further enrich the world around them,” states Angie Gaffney, Black Apple Media Founder and Studio 18 Co-founder, who is also a FAHF award presenter.

“This year, and moving forward, we are focusing more on the production side of The FAHF Awards, but it’ll still be guaranteed fun for our attendees as ususal,” states Zoe Kristen, Associate Producer of The FAHF Awards.“ That’s why we are excited about many of our honorees performing live for our studio audience with additional performances from The Fox & The Hounds and Emon Lauren Black. Plus, attendees will have the opportunity to mingle and rub elbows with some pretty serious influencers. I can’t wait!”

“I truly appreciate the recognition and all you do to help inspire our society to see the good that we are surrounded by,” states Hip-Hop artist Add-2, a FAHF 2016 Humanitarian. Other FAHF 2016 Humanitarians include Young Chicago Authors, The Whitney Reynolds Show, Antonetta Maxwell (author of Love You More Than), Chelli Love of Chelli Harms Collection (CHC), L.A. based music composer Megan Cavallari, and VeShanna Kimp of VeVe’s Dance Company.

“I’m just a one woman show in this small business and sometimes, I think my efforts are buried under bigger businesses that have more resources. It’s truly amazing to see what comes from not being afraid to share your talents with others. Thank you,” states Sarah Burroughs, also a FAHF 2016 Humanitarian and Salt Lake City based designer of anne b designs, who will be flying into Chicago to attend The FAHF Awards.

“This production is possible because of our fiscal sponsors, including Dr. Kaufman of Kaufman & Kaufman Smile Design Studio LLC, who is also a presenter this year, and “Ditch the Weight & Guns” 5K Walk & Run, Inc. (501c3) also known as Englewood 5K. Although they are our sponsors, their support is priceless,” states Omari Garrett, Co-Executive Producer of The FAHF Awards.

The FAHF Awards has sold out two years in a row and early bird general admission tickets have already sold out. Additional tickets are available on or EventBrite (FAHF Awards 2016). The FAHF Awards 2016 viewing party is scheduled for December 17, 2016 at Bar Louie Dearborn Station in Chicago.

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