July 28 Community Meeting: Support Continues to Build for a Complete BAN of PETCOKE from Chicago

Community Residents, Teachers, Nurses Cite Public Health Emergency in Southeast Side of Chicago as KCBX Threatens to Sue City of Chicago if Exception to Already Watered Down Regulations Are Not Approved.

CHICAGO—(ENEWSPF)—July 28, 2014. Support is growing from labor, community, clergy, and environmental activists, to call for an immediate ban of Petcoke in Southeast Chicago.  The Coalition to Ban Petcoke, the lead sponsor of the event, and the dozens of groups and activists organizations supporting the ban, call the continual storage of petcoke in Southeast Chicago a public health emergency and a major violation of human rights. What:   Community Meeting on the continual storage of Petcoke in Southeast Chicago and the public safety threat that it poses. When: Monday, July 28, 2014 Meeting: 6 p.m. Rowan Park 11546 S. Avenue L, Chicago, IL 60617

Giant mounds of hazardous tar sands byproduct known as petcoke are being stored in the open-air along the Calumet River by KCBX, a subsidiary of Koch Industries.

Despite the outcry of the community, these petcoke dust mountains are left uncovered and free to blow into neighborhood schools, homes, businesses, and community spaces.

With elections coming up in February 2015, the community residents demand that the Alderman and Mayor fight to protect the Southeast Side of Chicago or the outraged 10th ward residents will look for candidates who will ensure that the petcoke piles are removed and that the city strictly regulate dirty energy and move towards clean, renewable and sustainable energy.