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Robin Kelly: The Female Voice for Justice

Public Eye Robin Kelly
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ILLINOIS—(ENEWSPF)—February 27, 2018

By: Public Eye

Illinois Congresswoman Robin Kelly came on the national scene with much controversy as she was supported by an outsider billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, who attempted to insert his hands into Illinois politics. Congresswoman Kelly took fire from people who opposed anyone trying to tell them how to administer politics in their state.

It was a normal reaction by political junkies who have their own views of political shenanigans. It looked suspicious if you opposed that type of politics and many do. But for others who know and support the congresswoman, at the time it was a great idea. What political operative wouldn’t accept millions of dollars being injected into their campaign? As long as it’s clean money–and we know Bloomberg has old and new fresh dough.

Bloomberg built his business the old fashion way. He worked hard, used his smarts, assembled his network and created one of the most respected media and financial institutions in American history. And to have someone like him on your team is priceless. It could’ve been the other way around and Robin’s opponents could’ve had someone of Bloomberg’s wealth helping to deliver their messages to the voters.

And imagine today, if that was the case, we wouldn’t have this strong female advocate fighting for multiple causes helping to serve black Illinoisans and the state in general. We’re a better state, thanks to her outside support, that got her elected to serve as the lone-lady Congresswoman from Illinois. Let us see how Robin feels. Public Eye shared a few moments with her:

Public Eye: What is the most difficult thing about being a Congresswoman?

Congresswoman Kelly: Being in the minority has its limitations, but they are not insurmountable. My biggest frustration is that because Democrats do not control the Speakers gavel, we aren’t able to select what legislation moves before the House. That means a lot of good proposals that I’m pushing like creating jobs, stopping gun violence and expanding access to healthcare – aren’t ever brought to the floor for a vote.

Public Eye: Name three things that you would consider to be your biggest accomplishments?

Congresswoman Kelly: In Congress, I would say that I’m proud to have gotten the Democratic Caucus to pay attention to the issue of gun violence and have them realize that it’s a problem. I am proud to have been one of the architects of the House Sit-In on gun violence in 2016 that brought national attention to this issues. I also proud to have started the Congressional Caucus on Black Women & Girls, to have a forum to spotlight the influence and policy concerns of African American women in Congress.

Public Eye: Tell the readers what responsibility that a Congressperson has that would surprise the voters?

Congresswoman Kelly: That we pay party dues!

Rep. Robin Kerlly
Congresswoman Robin Kelly (Source: Public Eye)

Public Eye: Why are you determined to remain an elected State Central Committee Women, and what’s the main component of that role in government?

Congresswoman Kelly: I am running for State Central Committeewoman because I believe in the importance of having a seat at the political table when decisions are being made about our district. This role is an extension of my current work to serve the remarkable people of the Second Congressional district. I intend to use this platform to support candidates with progressive ideas, who engage people of all backgrounds and advance policies that focus on creating jobs, expanding access to health care, and combating gun violence.

Public Eye: How can businesses or social entities utilize your current position to better improve either their businesses or communities?

Congresswoman Kelly: They can stay involved. My office offers regular workshops, office meetings, and community programs to help us better serve and engage our community for the better. It’s important that we hear from and work with our business and civic community so we can better understand what their needs are.

Public Eye: How proud are you to serve the people in your district and what gives you the greatest joy as a congresswoman?

Congresswoman Kelly: I love my job and I love my district. Knowing that I made a positive difference in a constituents life is so fulfilling. I look forward to the day we can get bills passed that decrease gun violence, that invests in the communities and people that need assistance to improve their quality of life. – MG Media

Originally appeared in the February issue of Public Eye. Reprinted with permission of C. Dwayne West, CEO/Publisher.

Source: www.publiceye.ch

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