Vote Like They’re Trying to Take Over Your Town, Park Forest, Because They Are

Rich Township Committeeman Calvin Jordan, vote

Rich Township Committeeman Calvin Jordan has made explicit moves to meddle in Park Forest government, eNews Park Forest has learned. (Photo: Cook County Democratic Party)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- eNews Park Forest has learned that it was no accident that the Rich Township Democratic Organization (RTDO) — for the first time ever — endorsed candidates in this year’s Consolidated Election. According to several sources, Rich Township Committeeman Calvin Jordan first approached Park Forest Trustee Tiffani Graham, pledging support from the RTDO if Trustee Graham ran for mayor of Park Forest.

Trustee Graham decided to run for re-election as trustee instead.

After approaching Trustee Graham, Mr. Jordan reportedly approached JeRome Brown and Jonathan Vanderbilt, according to sources with knowledge of what transpired. For whatever reason, the RTDO decided to endorse Jonathan Vanderbilt.

Ms. Graham told eNews Park Forest that Trustee Jonathan Vanderbilt, now a candidate for mayor, approached her last week to inform her that something was coming from the RTDO.

Somehow, someway, the Rich Township Democratic Organization endorsed Trustee Vanderbilt for mayor of Park Forest — “because they could,” one source told eNews Park Forest.

Representatives from the RTDO, including Calvin Jordan and State Sen. Michael E. Hastings, reportedly left many in disgust at Tim Bradford’s wake in December 2017, turning the four term Rich Township Democratic Committeeman’s service into a self-serving political farce.

These are the people who want to get their tentacles into Park Forest and smash the tradition of Park Forest Nonpartisan Local Government. Whether Mr. Vanderbilt is complicit or is being played by the RTDO, this organization must not be permitted to grasp hold of power in Park Forest.

And only you can stop that.

You, the voter.

If you don’t vote in the April 2, 2019 Consolidated Election in Park Forest, you will have no ground to complain for the next four years.

You must vote.

If you voted already, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

If not, you must make time Tuesday, April 2. As many of you are reading this, that is today.

I’ve already given my endorsement, twice.

Take my advice, explore my rationale, or don’t.

But vote.

Mayor Ostenburg did exemplary work keeping village government in Park Forest independent. No, it was never perfect. There is no perfection among human beings. But we strive to uphold ideals. We must strive. We must try.

Frankly, in years past, many of us feared some sort of coup attempt from organizations in Chicago.

But the coup is coming from within, and it cannot be permitted to take hold.

Vote like they’re trying to take Park Forest away from you.

Because they are.


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