Your Police Department Veterans: PFPD Video

Cecelia Archbold, Park Forest Police Department, PFPD, veteran
Records Clerk Cecelia Archbold of the Park Forest Police Department served with the US Army as a Human Intelligence Collector. (Screenshot from PFPD video)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- The Park Forest Police Department paid video tribute Sunday to military veterans who currently serve the residents. The video includes one officer, Detective Alex Bregin, who currently serves in the US Army Reserves and has for the past 13 years.

Our veterans with the Park Forest Police Department are:

  • Records Clerk Cecelia Archbold, US Army, who served as a Human Intelligence Collector;
  • Officer Brian King, who served as a Security Forces member in the US Air Force. Officer King was also deployed to Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom and part of Operation New Dawn;
  • Commander John Sweitzer, US Army, who was based in Ft. Hood, Texas.;
  • Officer Jimmy Johnson, US Marines, who sends his best to the “guys in 26,” he deployed with them in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom;
  • Detective Sergeant Darin Studer, US Marines, served in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm, also Operation Restore Hope in Somalia with the First Marine Division;
  • Officer Craig Taylor, US Army, Field Artillery, 122 Unit, Ft. Sill Base, Oklahoma;
  • Detective Commander Lloyd Elliot, US Marines, 1990-1994, a veteran of Operation Desert Storm during the Gulf War and Operation Restore Hope in Somalia;
  • Commander James Varga, US Marines, 1993-1997, First Battalion, Third Marines, stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii, spent a year in Okinawa, Japan;
  • Detective Alex Bregin, US Army Reserves, currently serving, and has been serving in the reserves for the past 13 years.