Donald Trump Ejected Child With Cerebral Palsy From Rally. Then The Child Met The President.

President Barack Obama and 12-year-old JJ Holmes cerebral palsy
President Barack Obama met with 12-year old JJ Holmes on Sunday in Florida. (Courtesy Alison Holmes and the Hillary Clinton campaign)

Donald Trump ejected a 12-year-old child with cerebral palsy from a rally Saturday. Then the boy met President Obama Sunday.

From the Huffington Post:

Twelve-year-old J.J. Holmes begged his mother to drive him to a Donald Trumprally in Tampa, Florida, on Saturday. J.J., who has cerebral palsy, wanted to go and protest the Republican nominee’s treatment of people with disabilities.

His mother, Alison, agreed to make the trip. But once they got there and began chanting Hillary Clinton’s name, Trump ordered them out of the rally.

Trump supporters responded by “chanting ‘U-S-A’ and pushing his wheelchair,” Alison told The Washington Post.

“We were put out by security,” she said. “Mr. Trump kept saying, ‘Get them out.’”

The day after, according to the report, the boy and his mother drove to Kissimmee, Florida, to attend a rally for Hillary Clinton. President Barack Obama was in attendance. “Kimberly DeFalco, a woman who witnessed the events at the Trump rally,” asked for help arranging a meeting between JJ and the president.

The meeting happened.

Can you imagine being the mother of this child, the fear, the dread, as Trump supporters screamed around her and pushed her son’s wheelchair.

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