Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving Feast Cost Taxpayers $7 Million in Security

Donald Trump's Thanksgiving
President-elect Donald J. Trump

ENEWSPF – Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving, held at Mar-a-Lago, his Florida resort, featured two dishes named in his honor, and cost taxpayers $7 million in security.

Seven. Million. Dollars.

From the

The President-elect celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday in his usual lavish and over-the-top way — with a sumptuous spread that went from surf-to-turf and back again.

Dining with family and an unknown number of guests at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Florida resort, the multi-course meal had a little something for everyone.

It required roughly 150 Secret Service members to provide security across the sprawling estate — costing taxpayers about $7 million, NBC News said Friday.

The Obama’s? They took a different road:

The opulent display was a far cry from how President Obama chose to celebrate his last Thanksgiving in the White House.

First Lady Michelle Obama along with the President and their two daughters served holiday meals to residents of the Armed Forces Retirement Home on Wednesday.

On Thanksgiving Day the family hosted a casual get-together of “family, friends and football” at the White House.

The menu was slightly more modest than Trump’s — featuring finger food appetizers like mini-pizzas and pigs-in-a-blanket, then a buffet of turkey and sides with six different pies for dessert.

I know. We’re supposed to be super impressed because Donald J. Trump is a billionairre. After all, he “earned” his wealth.

Not. At. All.

This is a man who, according to multiple reports, does not pay his bills.

Welcome back to the gilded age, America. Welcome the American aristocracy, a reality George Washington himself worked so hard to avoid for this country (I strongly recommend Ron Chernow’s book). Washington was concerned with his image, but not in the way Trump is concerned with his. Believing in a strong, central government, Washington became more and more egalitarian as he served with his troops during the Revolutionary War, where 200,000 fought and 25,000 died, dressed in rags or less. African Americans and whites, Christians, Muslims, and Jews, among others.

This Trump aristocracy, the oligarchical Cabinet he’s building, this is not America, or in any way reporesentative of Americans, especially the people who turned out and voted for him.

They would not have a place at Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving.

They’re in for a rude surprise.

From one who is the very definition of “rude.”