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Gary Kopycinski

By Gary Kopycinski

Ever wonder where eNews Park Forest gets all of its conent?

Many items in the Local News section are original to eNews Park Forest, written by our writers. These are identified by author or staff when appropriate. Some content may be press releases from public officials or school organizations. Many schools in the area have developed strong public relations departments, and we are pleased to help them spread their good news when appropriate.

Anything published in eNews as a "Commentary" or "Analysis" contains the opinion of the writers whether they are ENEWSPF contributing authors or those found in Press Releases. Articles published elsewhere are considered news stories. In instances where a news story contains some editorial content, the opinions of the author are quoted as such.

Any article published in eNews Park Forest that is not original content contains the source information at the bottom of the article.

There are costs involved with publishing an electronic newspaper. We certainly appreciate our current advertisers and subscribers, but their contributions are only enough to let this publication break even on costs. However, our two primary contributors, Associate Rosemary Piser and myself, are drawing $0 in salary as eNews Park Forest continues to establish itself. Yes, that was a round figure: $0.00. From a strictly business perspective, this means that eNews Park Forest certainly is not breaking even as it is not paying salaries or even a stipend to its writers/daily worker bees.

Costs for keeping eNews Park Forest up and running include Media Liability insurance. Our annual cost last year was $1,500. This past year, we also had to move ENEWSPF multiple times because the publication kept outgrowing hosting companies. There were costs involved every time we moved the site. Right now, we are very happy with our new hosts at Cartika and their cluster hosting environment. The site loads very quickly even as our traffic continues to rise. Nevertheless, a better hosting package also meant more money per month to our hosting company.

The Internet is kind of odd when it comes to making money. A rise in traffic does not translate into an immediate rise in revenue. Some businesses still waver about making the move to Internet advertising. There’s an old saying in politics: go where the people are.

Well, the people are right here on eNews Park Forest. A lot of them. At the beginning of the month I reported that eNews Park Forest saw 64,057 site visits in Sepbemter. October will surpass that number. As of this Saturday, ENEWSPF saw 55,942, an average of 2,331visits to eNews Park Forest per day in the month of October. If our traffic holds at that level, wiith a week to go, we could have our best month ever and welcome over 72,000 visits to ENEWSPF.

So, I want to thank some people again.

First, thanks to Al and Barb Sturges, who sent in a voluntary subscription after our last piece on costs ran.

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