Mitt Romney Debuts False Ad Regarding His Stance on Abortion Rights

Washington, D.C. –(ENEWSPF)–October 18, 2012.   Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, criticized Mitt Romney for his new campaign ad that paints him as a moderate on reproductive rights.

“Once again, Mitt Romney is trying to reinvent himself as a moderate on the issue of choice,” Keenan said. “Romney’s support of a ‘personhood’ measure which would ban abortion in almost all cases; his support of the Blunt amendment which would allow bosses to deny birth-control coverage to their employees; and his continued promise to repeal Obamacare directly contradicts any 30-second ad claiming that he’s not anti-choice. American voters know that leadership begins with the truth. Simply put: we cannot trust Mitt Romney.”

Earlier this week, NARAL Pro-Choice America produced a 30-second cable ad and a pre-roll online news ad reminding women voters of Romney and Ryan’s support of proposals that would ban abortion in almost all cases including rape and incest. The ads began airing on cable television in the Cedar Rapids, IA and Columbus, OH markets on Monday. The pre-roll ads will appear online in the Washington (Fairfax, VA), Milwaukee, Cedar Rapids, Columbus, Cleveland, and Tampa markets. The combined buy is approximately $256,000. You can view the ads online here.

“If we cannot trust Romney on the campaign trail, then we cannot trust him in the Oval Office,” Keenan said. “The choice is clear in this presidential election. NARAL Pro-Choice America will do everything in its power to make sure President Obama remains in the White House as a safeguard for reproductive freedom for the next four years.”

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