Statement from the Holiday Star Theater

Gary Kopycinski

By Gary Kopycinski

The new management of the Holiday Star Theater in Park Forest placed the following statement on the theater’s Web site:

To the People of Park Forest

We understand that you may feel a sense of betrayal from the previous proprietor of the Holiday Star Theater.

However, please know that the theater will remain open and continue to flourish under new management. We hope the people of Park Forest will continue to support its local businesses, of which the theater is one.

If you have any questions, concerns and comments please don’t hesitate to contact the new management. We will do the our best to accommodate the people of Park Forest.

Village officials in Park Forest are also encouraging patrons to return to the theater, Assistant Director of Economic Development & Planning Sandra C. Zoellner sending the following email to her Economic Development email list:

A kind message from a Fireman.

As Mike asks, I also ask you to help keep the young Park Foresters employed at the Holiday Star theater.

Please consider going to the theater and encouraging your friends and family to do the same.

Have a great weekend,


This in reference to the following from Captain Mike Wheeler of the Park Forest Fire Department:

Despite the recent events related to the Holiday Star Theater, Matanky Realty is committed to keeping the theater open. A new manager has been chosen and the doors will – for now- remain open. James Matanky has asked for our support for the theater. Please consider visiting the theater during this trying time and help keep one of our businesses open.

Captain Mike Wheeler

And that’s enough for me. Mr. Arron has been arrested and charged, and he’s gone.

Now we need to work together to save a business in Park Forest.

I’m off to the Holiday Star Theater in DownTown Park Forest shortly to see a movie.

And looking forward to it!


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