To The Editor: Are We Forgotten In The South Suburbs By Candidates?

Letter to the editor
Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.

To The Editor:

My name is Tony Mielcarz and I have lived in Park Forest for about 50 years, voted in all elections that I could. But this is the first time in my 77 plus years of living in the south suburbs that I can remember not receiving any candidates’ material of or for persons running for elected office.

I have spoken with some of my friends and relative from our area and the same answer, nothing received. I guess we are just taken for granted by what I feel to be losers that are running for public office.

Well maybe one or two might be ok, but we know nothing about them out this way.

guess negative thoughts from a tax payer that served his country.

Wonder if others feel left out of the primary?

Tony Mielcarz
Park Forest, IL

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