Action Fund and UFCW Extend Television Ad Taking Richard Mourdock to Task on Jobs

With Mourdock on the Ropes, Action Fund and UFCW Extend television ad taking extreme senate candidate to task for saying he didn’t pledge to support EVERY job in indiana, when indiana veterans needed jobs 

ENGLISH, Ind.–(ENEWSPF)–October 25, 2012.   With extremist Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock’s campaign on the ropes, the national Veterans group,, is teaming up with the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) to extend the buy of a blistering ad that exposes his extreme views.  The ad features an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran taking Mourdock to task for suing to stop the bailout of Chrysler Motors, which would have decimated Indiana’s job market, at a time when the unemployment rate in Indiana was well over 10 percent.  The ad, which VoteVets Action Fund previously aired for a week at a cost of $300,000, will now air for an additional week on broadcast and cable, at a cost of $320,000.

The full ad can be viewed here:

The ad features Sam Schultz, an Iraq and Afghanistan War Veteran from English, Ind., a former National Guardsman, who himself was unemployed when he returned from Afghanistan.

In the ad, Schultz says, “Before I went to Iraq and Afghanistan, I took a pledge to protect and defend our country.  Richard Mourdock sees pledges differently.  Mourdock said that he ‘didn’t take a pledge to support every job in Indiana.’  Mourdock sued to stop the Chrysler bailout.  He would have killed thousands of jobs here.  Jobs that returning veterans, like me, could use.

I know what it’s like to serve with people who have your back.  And I can tell you, Richard Mourdock doesn’t have ours.”

Indeed, Mourdock did tell the Indianapolis Star, on October 19, 2010, that he “didn’t take a pledge to support every job in Indiana.”  And, in 2009, he brought a suit up to the Indiana Supreme Court, aimed at stopping the bailout of Chrysler.  At the time of his suit, according to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in Indiana was 10.5 percent.  The Center for Automotive Research found that the auto bailout saved 1.45 million jobs.

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