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Busting Anti-Vaccine Myths: 100 Sites on the Real Science of Immunization

Online Nurse Practitioner Programs–http://onlinenursepractitionerprograms.com/vaccine-immunization/ -(ENEWSPF)- The concept of immunization has been around for centuries, but the past 100 years has seen more innovation and advancement in the field than ever before. Increasingly effective and widely available vaccines have nearly or completely eradicated smallpox, polio, measles, and other diseases that were once responsible for thousands of deaths annually. There are those who argue that vaccines cause more harm than good, or that vaccines have unacceptable side effects, but scientific studies have proven repeatedly that the benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks.

This collection of sites comprises many reliable blogs, scholarly publications, local coalitions and international organizations disseminating real, science-backed information about vaccines. It is essential for the general public to have access to scientific research and information about vaccines. Immunizations have the power to completely eradicate fatal diseases that have plagued humanity for millennia, but it only works if the vast majority of individuals are personally willing to be vaccinated, and these websites are here to provide the whole truth of the matter.


Organizations have formed to promote immunization against many of the most virulent and dangerous diseases humanity suffers from today. There are also plenty of organizations advocating for vaccination in general, and for more thorough dissemination of accurate information about vaccinations.

    1. World Health Organization Global Vaccine Safety Initiative


      The World Health Organization’s Global Vaccine Safety Initiative administers incredible education tools and works on useful programs to ensure progress in the global effort to create and distribute effective and affordable vaccines. As one of the global leaders in health resources, WHO really helps improve vaccination standards as well.

    2. United Nations Foundation’s [email protected]


      The United Nations Foundations [email protected] works to address the problems imposed on children who are unable to get the proper vaccinations. Through the organization, they get children the shots they need to avoid being beset by simple viruses.

    3. Vaccine Education Center


      The Vaccine Education Center is based out of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and has sections that break down each vaccine, along with various safety protocols. Additionally, they have great resources for health professionals and a useful section on vaccine science.

    4. Immunization Action Coalition


      The Immunization Action Coalition champions action related to educating others on the necessity of immunizations and how we can better understand the benefits of vaccines. The site is dense with valuable clinic resources, vaccine information statements, and a section with the most popular documents and handouts.

    5. Center for Vaccine Awareness and Research at Texas Children’s Hospital


      The Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Awareness and Research advocates for innovative solutions pertaining to disease through vaccinations. For anyone curious, the site also has detailed information relating to what vaccines are comprised of, this helps to quell any apprehensions related to vaccination.

    6. Flu.gov


      Flu.gov is the official government site for information, preventative action, planning, and other in-depth pieces on the flu pandemic and what to do to avoid getting sick. The site is impressively comprehensive, giving anyone the know-how to take care of someone sick with the flu.

    7. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Vaccine Delivery


      The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Vaccine Delivery explains in great detail how the organization works to ensure vaccines are accessible to the world’s poorest individuals and help foster improved infrastructure on transportation routes.

    8. Vaccinate Your Baby


      Vaccinate Your Baby is designed for parents and those readying themselves to have children. It details the benefits of vaccinations and aims to resolve any misinformation relating to vaccinating children.

    9. American Academy of Pediatrics: Immunization


      The American Academy of Pediatrics has long been an advocator for vaccines and their Immunization page emphasizes how important it is for families to acknowledge the life-saving capacities within vaccines. The page has resources for pediatricians and families alike.

    10. HIV Vaccine Trials Network


      The HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN) is the largest worldwide clinical trials network dedicated to the development and testing of HIV/AIDS vaccines. The HVTN is an international collaboration that conducts all phases of clinical trials, from evaluating experimental vaccines for safety and the ability to stimulate immune responses, to testing vaccine efficacy. A safe and effective vaccine is the world’s best hope for stopping the spread of HIV, the virus which causes AIDS.

    11. National Cervical Cancer Coalition


      The National Cervical Cancer Coalition helps women to understand all aspects of HPV and cervical cancer, as well as why it’s so crucial to get vaccinated to help prevent these debilitating diseases. The site is incredibly thorough and offers viewers a free eBook detailing lush amounts of information on cervical cancer.

    12. Best Shot Foundation


      The Best Shot Foundation fosters an environment for building public support on vaccination issues and often post interesting articles on their Twitter and Facebook accounts. It’s a great way to get further involved with advocating for greater public health.

    13. Stanford Asian Liver Center


      The Stanford Asian Liver Center details how to help reduce the outbreak of Hepatitis B, specifically in those of Pacific Islander descent who are particularly affected by this. The site is a place for information to come together from the university relating to developments in research and upcoming events.

    14. Immunize for Good


      Immunize for Good is a parent resource that educates on all of the particularities of vaccinating your child properly. The site has interesting pages like “Fact or Fiction”, “The Vaccines”, and even a “Parents Talk” section.

    15. NYC Hepatitis B Coalition


      NYC Hepatitis B Coalition is designed to give New York City residents all the information they need to properly address a particularly infectious strain of Hepatitis. They equip residents and non-residents alike with valuable information on vaccinating and the benefits.

    16. Meningitis Foundation of America (MFA)


      The Meningitis Foundation of America has worked since 1997 to combat Meningitis and the debilitating results of having the disease. The site helps to explain what exactly meningitis is and why vaccinating against it proves to be so crucial in fighting it.

    17. Immunize Canada


      Immunize Canada is one of the leading organization in Canada for educating individuals on why it’s so crucial to get children vaccinated and also provide education material on diseases. Their “highlights” section has a great selection of easily accessible information.

    18. National Network for Immunization Information


      The National Network for Immunization Information has the latest scientifically-backed immunization information that helps the public stay updated with the most contemporary resources for keeping a family healthy. The site’s thorough pages on articles and science are some of the best for immunization details.

    19. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)


      Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System helps keep track of any irregular reactions to vaccinations. The government and medical establishments acknowledge that adverse reactions to vaccines do happen sometimes, and they use the information provided through this service to improve the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

    20. Cervical Cancer-Free America (CCFA)


      Cervical Cancer-Free America (CCFA) is a great resource for parents with daughters, as well as women who have not been vaccinated against HPV. Their page details how HPV is a high rate of developing into cervical cancer and what we can do to overcome this through vaccinations.

    21. HepTREC


      HepTREC is a comprehensive Hepatitis page and has information relating to every variation of the disease and even information on the support group. If you’re curious about policies that have come out recently affecting treatment of any form of Hepatitis, the site has impressive information for that as well.

    22. Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI)


      Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI) was established in 1991 through a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and works to increase the rate at which a malaria vaccine is developed to help reinvigorate communities and areas ravaged by malaria. They help with research as well as educating on vaccines.

    23. Philippine Foundation for Vaccination


      The Philippine Foundation for Vaccination is non-profit organization that helps promote vaccinations, specifically for children and infants to ensure premature deaths incurred by disease. They’re incredibly active throughout communities in The Philippines, so residents should be sure to utilize this site to get more information.

    24. National Immunisation Programme of the Health Service Executive of Ireland


      The National Immunisation Programme of the Health Science is part of Ireland’s Health Service and has resources for understanding the importance of vaccination for children and adults, while also giving information useful for healthcare professionals. The page also details useful school programs and vaccination ordering and storage protocols.

    25. National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance of Vaccine Preventable Diseases (NCIRS)


      The National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance of Vaccine Preventable Diseases is an Australian-based organization committed to educating others policy initiatives and conducting vaccine trials to gauge their effectiveness. Additionally, they have a great “Fact Sheets” section.

    26. Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC)


      The Immunisation Advisory Centre is part of the University of Auckland has educational tools that work with individuals skeptical to the benefits of vaccinations and have the latest vaccine news and more. Their Frequently Asked Questions section makes sure that individuals understand the benefits of vaccines.

    27. Highlands County Immunization Task Force


      Highlands County Immunization Task Force is based in Florida and is tasked with ensure the community has the most updated vaccines and ensuring children are unable to spread hazardous diseases in school environments. The site details community programs, all of their health services, and even resources for all ages to use.

    28. It’s OK to Ask


      It’s OK to Ask equips consumers with facts from the medical community that detail diseases, vaccines, timelines for getting shots, and much more. Additionally, the site allows individuals to be put in touch with experts and discuss any issues they may be having.

    29. Immunization for Women


      Immunization for Women devotes their efforts to addressing various concerns relating to immunization and why it can be so crucial to having certain vaccines previous to becoming pregnant and also in the prevention of cervical cancer.

    30. CDC Vaccines and Immunizations


      The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s page on Vaccines and Immunizations is a very dense resource for looking at a wealth of immunization topics. With resources divided by audience-specific and categorical information, anyone accessing the site can be well educated.

    31. Allied Vaccine Group


      Allied Vaccine Group emphasizes excellence in presenting only scientifically valid information on vaccinations, which leads to the assertion that vaccinations are very safe. Featuring membership from organizations such as The American Academy of Pediatrics, Immunization Action Coalition, and the National Network for Immunization Information, it should definitely be regarded as a worthwhile source.

    32. GAVI Alliance


      GAVI Alliance brings organizations together from around the globe to combat negative perceptions concerning vaccinations, which has plagued Africa greatly in recent decades. They’re at the frontlines for pushing vaccines to underserved parts of the world.

    33. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases


      The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is a part of the National Institutes of Health and has one of the most complete websites on diseases. They go in-depth on health and research topics, to a level that almost no other site can match. It also details how funding challenges can also influence when vaccinations get approved.

    34. International AIDS Vaccine Initiative


      The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative is a leading organization for developing vaccinations against HIV/AIDS, while still creating some of the leading educational material regarding the importance of vaccinations.

    35. Hepatitis B Foundation


      Hepatitis B Foundation understands how rampant the disease is, particularly on those of Asian Pacific descent. The site illustrates the numerous ways to prevent disease and has great material on vaccinations specifically.

    36. National HPV and Cervical Cancer Prevention Resource Center


      The National HPV and Cervical Cancer Prevention Resource Center is a really incredible organization that helps women have a comprehensive resource for a wealth of issues pertinent to their lives. They have guides designed for men and women, while also refuting common misconceptions, and creating support groups.

    37. The Immunization Partnership


      The Immunization Partnership unites communities to emphasize how crucial it is to vaccinate children. As a non-profit, they’re situated differently to meet the needs of communities.

    38. National Viral Hepatitis Prevention Roundtable


      The National Viral Hepatitis Prevention Roundtable unites people to discuss all issues related to Viral Hepatitis and what precautionary measures can be taken to reduce the number of individuals infected and decrease the mortality rate.

    39. VICNetwork


      VICNetwork is a partnership between two organizations that educate local and national organizations on the importance of immunizations. Their work helps keep vaccination messages consistent and promote only scientifically backed information.

    40. PreventChildhoodInfluenza.org


      The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases manages PreventChildhoodInfluenza.org, a site devoted to making sure that those most susceptible to the flu are able to survive its harsh implications. They explain how important getting flu shots can be and educate on where to go to attain one.

    41. American Immunization Registry Association


      The American Immunization Registry Association helps to document all individuals who have vaccinations and use it to paint a picture as to safety measures and the best protocols for approaching disease. The site explains upcoming events where people can collaborate on various objectives to promote public health.

    42. American College of Preventative Medicine


      The American College of Preventative Medicine is based in Washington DC and they are at the forefront for teaching students the proper methods for educating on and administering vaccinations. For those working in the field, it also makes a great page for working on networking opportunities.

    43. Why I Choose


      Why I Choose gets answers from real people on why they decide to vaccinate their families. Their “Vaccine Info” section also allows for a better understanding of the smallest details on why immunizations are so crucial, specifically for children.

    44. Workplace Flu Immunization


      Workplace Flu Immunization details how important it is to stay healthy in the workplace and not spread diseases such as the flu. The site has great materials for management to go over with employees to ensure all protocols are followed to reduce the number of individuals sick with influenza.

    45. International Vaccine Access Center


      The International Vaccine Access Center is hosted out of the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and they do phenomenal work explaining how breakthroughs are being made to save lives globally though vaccinations. They always feature the most cutting edge publications released, so researchers can stay updated on what’s being developed.

    46. Vaccines for Africa (VACFA)


      Vaccines for Africa is an organization focused intently on helping administer vaccines to the most underserved parts of the world, namely a significant number of countries in Africa. From outreach events to the latest news developments and research, they have truly been an integral part to changing the landscape of diseases in Africa.

    47. Families Fighting Flu


      Families Fighting Flu brings families together to fight the Flu, which has no cure, through vaccinations. As the only means for preventing the flu, it’s a necessity for people wanting to keep their households safe from disease.

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Blogs & News Sources

Dozens of blogs exist to discuss the science behind vaccination, and the public debate surrounding it.

    1. Virology Blog


      Virology Blog writes extensively on various diseases and viruses, while making sure to keep viewers the safest possible through great graphics and links to useful news articles. They feature a great podcast series as well.

    2. Voices for Vaccines


      Voices for Vaccines empowers parents to discuss the benefits of vaccinating your children and propagate information to others on the issues. The site has sections on Vaccines, Tools, and other Parents who Vaccinate, so you can be sure to find the information desired.

    3. PKIDs (Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases) Blog


      PKIDs (Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases) Blog helps to give parents whose children have diseases like hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, and other chronic diseases with no cure an outlet for discussing ways to ease their children’s lives and make a more stable home environment for their family. They discuss immunization and vaccine benefits as well.

    4. Baby 411: Vaccine News


      Baby 411: Vaccine News is a site for any prospective parent or individual who has recently had a child and will soon be deliberating about vaccinating their child. They also have an engaging community for discussing vaccination issues with other parents.

    5. Nurses Who Vaccinate


      Nurses Who Vaccinate is a site the helps educate nurses on the benefits of vaccinating, as well as paint as realistic picture for parents of all the individuals in the healthcare industry who vaccinate themselves and their loved ones. The idea is to reinforce the benefits of vaccinating.

    6. Vaccine Ambassadors


      Vaccine Ambassadors understands that for the world to move forward, and not be focused on a wealth of debilitating diseases, we must eliminate the problem at the root and ensure children are properly vaccinated. The website points out that a staggering amount of children die each year due to diseases that can be commonly avoided with vaccines.

    7. Genomics, Medicine, and Pseudoscience


      Genomics, Medicine, and Pseudoscience studies and publishes pieces that aim to reduce the misinformation often propagated through the media by using empirically supported data. Many posts are centered on why those promoting agendas against vaccines are doing a great disservice to others promoting misleading and incorrect information.

    8. The Panic Virus


      The Panic Virus is a blog with innovative content on medicine, science, the media, and how the three intersect. The posts display impressive intellectual prowess, which also connects users to large amounts of referential material.

    9. I Have Immunity blog


      I Have Immunity Blog was launched in just 2011, but the work they’ve done in such a short span is incredibly notable. By helping to raise awareness of the benefits of immunization through vaccination, they help make the public safer and healthier.

    10. FDA Voice: Vaccines, Blood & Biologics


      FDA Voice: Vaccines, Blood, & Biologics is one of many official blogs the FDA runs that details the most important aspects of approving new vaccines for commercial use. Since all vaccines must pass through this organization to be used, they generally have some of the most insight into where vaccinations are heading.

    11. Shot by Shot


      Shot by Shot is comprised of stories from people across the country as they explain why it’s so absolutely critical to get a vaccination. The site makes a great page to show parents who want to learn more about the diseases vaccines prevent or are questioning the need for vaccines.

    12. Infectious Disease News


      William Schaffner is a professor at Vanderbilt University and runs the Infectious Diseases News website. The site shows various diseases and why it’s so important to stay on top of immunizations. Since the page is run by doctors, it’s backed by highly credible individuals that are regarded in the field.

    13. The Vaccine Times


      The Vaccine Times works to be the leader in vaccination information and has explains the morality rate, scientific evidence, and refutation of untrue information. The page has some of the most grabbing infographics as well.

    14. Shot of Prevention


      Shot of Prevention is a website dense with information to read up on the integral parts of vaccinating children. The posts range from heartbreaking to uplifting, all emphasizing how crucial getting vaccinations can be to a healthy life.

    15. Just the Vax


      Just the Vax focuses on science-based resources when discussing the importance of vaccinating children and the benefits one will see over the course of their life. The posts emphasize incredible depth and are often in the form of useful stories or anecdotes.

    16. Parents Who Protect


      Parents Who Protect is a resource for parents to understand how absolutely crucial it is to vaccinate children and give them the ability to lead a healthy, productive life. The author of the site is the president of the National Meningitis Associations and has more than enough experience to aptly address vaccination issues.

    17. The History of Vaccines


      The History of Vaccines is an interactive guide, complete with timelines, videos, and family facts on vaccines. If you’re looking for disease-specific statistics and how vaccines can combat it, the site is incredibly informative.

    18. AntiAntiVax


      AntiAntiVax devotes their efforts to ensuring that those attempting to promote anti-vaccination agendas are quieted by the resounding scientific support for vaccinations. The site breaks down information into very worthwhile pieces on each aspect of numerous diseases and vaccinations.

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Journals & Publications

There are many scholarly journals and academic publications dedicated completely to immunization research.

    1. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)


      The Center of Disease Control and Prevention has long stood as one of the most regarded sources for information related to improving the quality of health across the country and their Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report is an innovative guide for detailing the ways that people are impacted by disease. It paints an interesting picture, particularly because it shows how the mortality rate of diseases with readily available vaccinations are much lower.

    2. Vaccine: Development and Therapy Journal


      Vaccine: Development and Therapy Journal is a highly regarded publication that discusses vaccine design and how it’s developed, specifically for clinical use. They’ve published almost 15,000 articles related to vaccinations, so you can always read up on the latest findings.

    3. PubMed


      PubMed is a page fun by the US National Library of Medicine and is an eResource made up of over 23 million biomedical literature pieces examining nearly every issue in the field, with a wide array of publications on vaccines.

    4. World Journal of Vaccines


      The World Journal of Vaccines is one of the foremost sources for developing research related to the impact of vaccines on individuals, communities, and global populations. The dense, empirically supported articles make great referential material for anyone involved in research disease.

    5. Journal of Vaccines


      The Journal of Vaccines is an open-access journal that publishes original pieces on vaccine research and keeps other members of the field updated on the latest developments. Its content is geared much more towards researchers and advocating for increased support of vaccinations.

    6. Pneumonia Journal


      Pneumonia Journal is the only journal focused solely on pneumonia and allows professionals to collaborate and work through any issues related to the disease. The journal is part of Griffith University in Australia and is dense with great information for other researchers.

    7. Journal of Immune Based Therapies, Vaccines and Antimicrobials


      The Journal of Immune Base Therapies, Vaccines, and Antimicrobials is a highly regarded source for reading up on the latest developments pertaining to vaccinations and more. As a quarterly publication, you can be sure that the only articles published are the ones held in highest regard.

    8. Vaccines — Open Access Journal


      Vaccines – Open Access Journal is a quarterly international periodical explaining various diseases and the research being done to develop new vaccinations for them. A large number of the articles are free and open to anyone to read.

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Local and state coalitions promote vaccination in their communities and provide information about the general benefits of being immunized.

    1. Vaccinate Indiana


      Vaccinate Indiana works to get the correct information to residents and eliminate any suspicion or apprehension relating to vaccination.

    2. West Virginia Immunization Network (WIN)


      West Virginia Immunization Network (WIN) focuses their efforts on equipping the public with factual information on vaccinations throughout the state of West Virginia. The tab “Why I Immunize” is really great to get an accurate picture as to why it’s so crucial to get immunized, not only for yourself, but for those around you.

    3. Pennsylvania Immunization Coalition


      The Pennsylvania Immunization Coalition aims to provide “immunization education and access to affordable immunizations for all Pennsylvanians across the lifespan.” The organization offers many informational resources that are both locally and nationally relevant.

    4. Northern Utah Immunization Coalition


      The Northern Utah Immunization Coalition works to promote the importance of vaccination and has sections focused on childhood and adults separately, so you can be sure to find the information for the specific age group desired. The organization has outreach events around the state that are integral to better educating individuals on the benefits of vaccinations.

    5. Southern Nevada Immunization Coalition


      Southern Nevada Immunization Coalition featured one of the most visually enticing pages on the list and uses it to develop colorful and informative pieces for educating Nevadans. The site has a useful guide to where immunizations can be obtained and much more.

    6. Alliance for Immunization in Michigan


      The Alliance for Immunization in Michigan makes sure individuals throughout the state have a complete understanding of vaccinations and the importance behind getting them at specific ages. Additionally, it features great pieces on storage, children, adults, an innovative timeline showing exactly when each shot should be received.

    7. Ohio Immunization Partners for Healthy Adults


      The Ohio Immunization Partners for Healthy Adults has been around since 1996 and their primary goal is “to foster comprehensive, sustained state and community programs for the immunization of Ohio’s adults against vaccine-preventable diseases.” The organization strives to ensure consistent messaging from healthcare providers to their adult and senior patients regarding immunizations.

    8. Immunize Nevada


      Immunize Nevada is the leading organization in the state for learning how to vaccinate your children and why it’s so beneficial in the long-term for their lives. For residents of Nevada, the location finder makes it fantastic for locating the closest center to get immunized.

    9. Oregon Immunization Program


      Oregon Immunization Program emphasizes the importance of developing initiatives pertaining to vaccines and why it’s such an important part of public health. The organization helps develop statewide guides and engaging events to keep people safe.

    10. California Immunization Coalition


      The California Immunization Coalition does incredible work to make vaccinations a more viable option for all and ensure California continues to grow healthier and not impacted by preventable diseases. Active in a number of campaigns, they’re constantly furthering work concerning immunizations.

    11. Iowa Immunization Coalition


      Iowa Immunization Coalition breaks vaccination information down into categories for adults, teenagers, and even kids. Membership to the organization allows people to get in better touch with others that may not have proper vaccinations.

    12. Gateway Immunization Coalition


      The Gateway Immunization Coalition sees the large number of individuals still affected by preventable diseases and works ardently to educate the public and reach out to quell further spreading of disease. Posts cover wide-ranging materials and emphasize how to live the healthiest life disease free.

    13. ImmunizeOhio.org


      The Consortium for Healthy and Immunized Communities, Inc., now known simply as Immunize Ohio, is a statewide organization dedicated to promoting vaccination as a healthy, regular practice with benefits for the individual and the community.

    14. Safe and Timely Immunizations Coalition


      The Safe and Timely Immunizations Coalition serves the northern Midwest and has reports on disease trends, consumer rights, how to live well, and updates on medical alerts. The site allows for tailoring information to find incredibly specific data on some of the most relevant issues.

    15. Immunization Coalition of Washington, DC


      The Immunization Coalition of Washington, DC holds regular meetings and conferences that advocate for furthered immunizations against preventable diseases. From their work in outreach activities to working with policymakers, they are active in bettering the health environment for all.

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General Vaccine Info

  1. HealthMap Vaccine Finder


    HealthMap’s Vaccine Finder is an innovative tool that helps to communicate information from across the country as to where individuals can go to get vaccinated for various diseases. It’s also searchable by disease type, so you can be sure to find a clinic, hospital, or doctor’s office that has the desired vaccinations.

  2. Public Health United


    Public Health United aims to break down the walls between consumers and professionals and foster an environment that makes it easier to discuss any questions related to diseases. The blog entries show off impressive depth, while still being easy to understand and relatable.

  3. Quertle


    Quertle is a journal searching tool that allows researchers to quickly work through a large database of research periodicals. With refined search parameters, it’s easy to locate their vast selection of vaccine pieces.

  4. Eurosurveillance


    Eurosurveillance is a scientific journal that works to communicate pertinent issues related to diseases and their cures. The Editorial team is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but they are active throughout Europe. They discuss wide-ranging issues, including developments related to vaccinations.

  5. Infection Landscapes


    Infection Landscapes looks at the different ways that disease can spread and various pathogens. With interesting tabs on “The Diseases” and “Germscape”, you can be sure to get all the information you need related to the impact of diseases on social factors and more.

  6. Virus Particle Explorer


    Virus Particle Explorer is an interactive resource for understanding the complex ways that viruses interact with the human body and is loaded with useful information on how disease viruses can be kept at bay, specifically through vaccinations.

  7. Catch-Up Immunization Scheduler


    Catch-Up Immunization Scheduler helps parents to keep their children’s vaccination records up-to-date and put them back on the right track if they’ve fallen behind. The page is broken into information resources for parents and a separate area for healthcare providers.

  8. Contagion: Historical Views of Diseases and Epidemics


    Contagion: Historical Views of Diseases and Epidemics is a collection of information from Harvard’s libraries and is finally available online to increase public awareness of diseases and the importance of vaccinations. With over 500,000 pages of information, it’s great for students and researchers alike.

  9. The Vaccine Confidence Project


    The Vaccine Confidence Project works ardently to gauge how the public views various vaccination policies, often posting excerpts from the news and detailing the latest information for advisory groups.

  10. VaccineInformation.org


    VaccineInformation.org breaks down information from the need-to-know basis to incredibly thorough pieces that greatly improve comprehension of the issues vaccine proponents face. Their map of preventable vaccine diseases, which ranges from 2008 to present, is a great tool for understanding how under-served parts of the world still remain when it comes to vaccinations.

  11. Rule of 6ix


    Rule of 6ix is run by Bonnor Bamford, a PhD student in the United Kingdom who writes interesting posts on virology and various molecular compositions of viruses. Fellow researchers will enjoy this page and its ability to write posts that are approachable, yet still maintain impressive depth.

  12. VFC EZIZ


    Vaccines for Children EZIZ is a valuable resource for getting large amounts of information on immunization training and relevant resources. They keep viewers updated through regular memos and a great section on popular links.

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