Monday March 2 in Chicago: Reparations Not Black Sites — Rally for the Runoff!

Chicago—(ENEWSPF)—February 27, 2015. On election day, the city of Chicago sent a message. The most marginalized members of our communities are suffering because of shuttered schools, closed clinics and unchecked police violence. On Monday, May 2, Chicagoans will gather at 6 p.m. in Daley Plaza to echo the message that was sent by Tuesday’s election results – Chicago has had enough, and this city will hold its leaders accountable!

Mayor Emanuel has long been dismissive of police violence, refusing to support the reparations ordinance for survivors of Chicago Police torture and allowing violent cops to remain on the street. The recent revelation of a black site interrogation and detention center in Chicago only adds insult to injury. This mayor faced stiff opposition to his polices in the months and weeks leading up to election day and the results make the will of the people clear: we will not tolerate business as usual.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel must answer for his indifference, say community organizers. “The cycle of brutality must be broken. The education component of the reparations ordinance will force the real history of the Burge torture cases into our public schools,” says Kelly Hayes. “The reparations ordinance will provide care and compensation to those tortured under former CPD Commander Jon Burge. This is how real change begins: with truth and accountability.” 

Jon Burge began his parole on February 13, 2015, and will collect a city pension. The city spent $20 million dollars defending him — a torturer who’s retirement will be funded by Chicago taxpayers. Yet most of his victims go uncompensated. 

Mayor Rahm Emanuel never answered the cry of survivors of police torture by actively support passage of the reparations ordinance. His record on police crime could have been much different. This rally is being organized to remind the mayor and every politician who has a stake in this runoff that they are answerable to the people.

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