Krystal Clayton: Rich East Stellar Student

Krystal Clayton
Rich East Stellar Student Krystal Clayton. (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

Park Forest, IL–(ENEWSPF)- eNews Park Forest continues with our series of stellar students from Rich East High School. Mr. Kevin Kredens, the school’s publicity liaison, provides each student a series of the same questions. All responses are in the students’ exact words, except for minor editing for content and space when needed.

We are pleased to feature Krystal Clayton, who volunteers on the teen board for Respond Now, plans to attend Purdue University or Marquette University in the fall, and likes the people who go to Rich East.

Meet Krystal Clayton:

Are you a Park Forest Resident? How long?  Yes. I am a Park Forest resident and have been for about 15 years.

At Rich East all four years? Yes. I have been at Rich East all four years.

What do you like the most about Rich East? My favorite things about Rich East are the people that go here. They make my high school experience fun and exciting.

Favorite classes and why?  My all-time favorite class has to be sociology with Ms. (Melissa) Pietrusznski. I love that class because it wasn’t filled all filled with worksheets and lectures. It was very interactive with lots of discussion. We were even able to put what we learned to the test in the real world. We would go out on field trips to grocery stores, shops and observe people’s behaviors and come back and talk about it as it relates to what we’ve learned.

Favorite teachers and why: Mr. (Matt) Shank is one of my favorite teachers because he is so funny and such a good teacher. Mrs. (Noreen) Wessendorf is one of my favorite teachers because she is the nicest and sweetest person I know. She helped keep me fit (by taking her yoga class) during my senior year.

GPA/Class Rank:  My grade point average is 4.021 and I am ranked 5th/203.

ACT: I received a 22 on my ACT.

Areas met or exceeded on PSAE:  I exceeded in Mathematics and met in reading

AP Exams. I took the AP English Language and Composition exam last year and received a 3. I am taking the AP Literature, AP Psychology and AP Calculus exams in May.

What are you listening to on your iPod these days? I listen to Kanye West, Jason Mraz, Justin Mozuka, Justin Bieber, Elle Varner, and everything Bruno Mars!!!

What is the last book you have read? The last book I read was Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen.

Favorite TV Shows: My favorite TV shows are Pretty Little Liars, Degrassi, American Idol, The Voice, and So You Think You Can Dance?

Places that you’d most like to visit: I would love to go to New York, California, and Spain! I play to study abroad in Spain. 

Activities/Athletics/Clubs participated in/Special awards:  I play volleyball. I’m also a member of The National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, President of Student Council (SCORE – Student Council of Rich East), DIVAS, and Operation Snowball (staff).

Clubs, hobbies, community/church. Special volunteering in community:  I volunteer on the teen board for Respond Now, I also volunteer at Snowball and FLOW (Future Leaders of the World). When I am not doing that I love going bowling and to the movies with my friends.

College choice/Major: I will either be attending Purdue University or Marquette University in the fall majoring in communications/public relations.

Where do you want to be in five years/In ten years? In five years, I plan to still be in school working toward my master’s degree. In 10 tears, I plan to have a career in the publicity field and hopefully I will be married!