Roosevelt University Intern at Chicago Ad Agency to Appear on AMC’s Reality Show ‘The Pitch’


CHICAGO–(ENEWSPF)–September 6, 2013.  Two years ago, Ilma Gjini let go of her goal to become a teacher and experimented in finding a better career fit by taking an introductory integrated marketing communication class at Roosevelt University.

Today, the recent Roosevelt graduate is an intern for a Chicago ad agency, The Monogram Group, whose work – including creative brainstorming by Gjini and others at the agency – will be featured on the season finale this fall of AMC’s reality TV show, “The Pitch.”

“I took a risk and fell in love with advertising,” said Gjini, who started as an undergraduate education major at Roosevelt in 2009, shifting over to the University’s Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) program in 2011 when she found her true passion.

“I remember going through all of the courses that Roosevelt offered trying to find something that would be of interest.  I came across an advertising class and decided to try it,” said Gjini, who believes advertising courses she took in the IMC program prepared her well for her journey.

An intern since January with The Monogram Group, Gjini and members of the Chicago-based branding and advertising agency will be featured Oct. 3 in the season finale of AMC’s “The Pitch.”

“Ilma (Gjini) has a story that is typical of a lot of our students,” said Lee Earle, associate professor of marketing communications at Roosevelt and one of Gjini’s mentors.
“She came to Roosevelt with a goal of figuring out ‘What do I want to do when I grow up?’ She found something she’s passionate about, she carried it through in her coursework and now she’s getting real-world experience,” said Earle.

One of 16 ad agencies to be competitively selected for “The Pitch,” The Monogram Group’s advertising shop and its team, including Gjini, were filmed in April while creating a campaign for the Fuller Brush Co., which was the client assigned by “The Pitch.”

Since the filming, Gjini has been given the task of coordinating a social media campaign to promote the ad agency’s work on “The Pitch.”

“We are trying to maximize exposure for our agency and llma (Gjini) has taken a lead role in helping us to make that happen,” said Scott Markman, president of The Monogram Group.

The hands-on experience has been a dream-come-true for Gjini, who graduated from Roosevelt in May 2013 and whose goal has been to get her foot in the door so that a future career in advertising is possible.

“I’ve been involved in so many projects and so many different situations and the experience I’ve gained as an intern is certainly going to help me in my career,” said Gjini, who, by the way, believes her appearance on “The Pitch” can’t hurt either.