Speaker Madigan & Advocates on Passage of Human Trafficking Crackdown

Michael Madigan
Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan. (IllinoisLawmakers.com)

Springfield, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Speaker Michael J. Madigan released the following statement Monday after the House passed Senate Bill 1890, which strengthens state law against human trafficking:

“Exploitation of women and children thrives in silence, which is why it’s critical that we speak up for those in need. While human trafficking is one of the most underreported crimes, Illinois continues to see a high level of reports.

“This bill offers survivors the time they need to come forward and make their voices heard by extending both the civil and criminal statutes of limitations for human trafficking; it gives our police officers the tools they need to bring predators to justice by expanding training law enforcement officials need to identify and disrupt trafficking, sex trade and involuntary servitude rings; and it ensures those who exploit others pay the price, by creating tough new penalties on the disreputable businesses that benefit from human trafficking.”

Carrie Ward
Carrie Ward, Executive Director, Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault. (Photo: Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault)

Carrie Ward, Executive Director, Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault, added, “Speaker Madigan’s bill gives a voice to survivors of labor and sexual exploitation, and helps to empower those who are fighting on behalf of those still held in unjust servitude. We’re proud to stand with Speaker Madigan on behalf of vulnerable women and children. His effort not only strengthens our law, but will raise awareness in the fight against human trafficking.”

Dana Pfeiffer, a survivor of human trafficking and founder of Grounds of Grace said, “As allies of the survivors of human trafficking, we are proud to stand with Speaker Madigan in demanding laws that recognize the seriousness of these crimes. The perpetrators of human trafficking try to silence their victims, so it’s only right that Illinois not only strengthen the penalties on this crime, but also ensure survivors are heard.”

Ines Kutlesa
Ines Kutlesa. (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

“Everyone who wants a better culture for women and families has an obligation to work to bring survivors of human trafficking out of the shadows and bring perpetrators to justice,” added Ines Kutlesa, Chief Executive Officer, Guardian Angel Community Services. “Speaker Madigan’s legislation will help to make Illinois into a leader in the effort to end human trafficking, and ensure everyone receives the basic human dignity they deserve.”

Kimberly Drew
Kim Drew of the Heartland Alliance. (Photo: Heartland Alliance)

Kimberly Drew, Legislative Advocacy Director, Heartland Alliance, said “Ensuring communities are equipped to identify and responsibly respond to survivors of human trafficking and address exploitative practices is critical. In standing with survivors to demand stronger protections, Speaker Madigan and the supporters of this legislation are showing real commitment to the fight to end human trafficking.”

This is a from a release of Speaker Michael J. Madigan’s office.