Village Board: Swearing in of Police Brass, Consideration of a Sustainable Pesticide Reduction Policy, More, on Tuesday

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Should the Village of Park Forest ban pesticides on Village-owned or leased properties? Should Park Forest pursue a quiet zone at the intersection of Western Avenue and the Canadian National Railroad tracks? How does one serve ethically as an employee or elected official in Park Forest? The Board of Trustees will consider these three topics at its Rules Meeting Tuesday evening, each potentially paving the way for waves of debate and discussion.

Tuesday shows a deceptively short agenda with only three items:

  1. A Resolution by the Village of Park Forest Establishing a Sustainable Pest Control and Pesticide Reduction Policy
  2. Discussion of FRA Quiet Zone Assistance Project
  3. Presentation of Ethics and Conflicts of Interest

As usual, there is more.

Shortly after the meeting convenes and as a part of some of the above, expect some of the following:

  • The swearing in of Police Chief Cliff Butz, Deputy Chief Pete Green, Commander Mike Baugh and Corporal Jim Varga, all of which result from the retirement of former Police Chief Tom Fleming on July 5.
  • The Environment Commission will be on hand to help lead the presentation and discussion of a Pest Control and Pesticide Reduction Policy being proposed for Board consideration as relates to the grounds around public facilities. 
  • Recommendation from Baxter & Woodman related to the Quiet Zone for the CN rail crossing of Western Avenue. 
  • Finally, Attorney Paul Stephanides will provide a powerpoint presentation on ethics and conflicts of interest. 

These items may result in a capacity crowd in the Board Room for the meeting. Bring your cameras. ENEWSPF will be well-equipped with camera, batteries and tripod.

View the complete agenda here. (N.B.: This link will not be valid after September 9, after which it will link to the next agenda.)

The writer is a Park Forest Village Trustee.