Our Delicate President-elect Has Another 3 a.m. Twitter Meltdown

Donald Trump campaigning twitter meltdown
Donald Trump campaigning.

Well, there he goes again. Donald Trump had another Twitter meltdown at around 3 a.m.

His problem this time?

The recount.

That’s right, authorities are recounting votes — something Trump would no doubt have authorized himself had he lost in the initial vote tally.

From Bipartisan report:

Sunday mornings for the Donald are always interesting, with his usual cries to Twitter about being made fun of on Saturday Night Live, but not this morning. The Donald had much bigger things to cry about this week: the votes being recounted for Jill Stein in Wisconsin and possibly even Pennsylvania and Michigan, which sent his temperament —which is shorter than his fingers— over the edge.

The Clinton campaign also decided to partake in the recount and, of course, anyone who challenges the Donald is in for a huge meltdown from the mentally unstable man.

Here are some of his Tweets.

Honestly, I can’t believe he’s displaying his unhinged mind.

On Twitter.

Our President-elect of the United States.










Will his inaugural address, if he gets that far, have more than 140 characters? Or will it be “yuuuuge!”

Again, I can hardly believe the man is still Tweeting.

I can hardly believe that the best way for the press to cover this guy is to read his Tweets.

Nor can I believe that, after ostensibly winning the election for President of the United States, Trump bragged to 60 Minutes that he picked up 100,000 Twitter followers since the election.

This in response to a question as to whether he would continue to Tweet while president.

And, consider the last Tweet, where he complains about all the money being spent on the recount.

Then read this, about Trump’s $7 million security bill to taxpayers for his Thanksgiving celebration.

The man honestly knows no shame.

So, Tweet, Mr. President-elect, while we wonder who will be running the country — for real — after you are sworn in. No doubt you’ll be preoccupied with Twitter meltdown after Twitter meltdown.

If it comes to that.