At Rich East, Rockets Fly

2013 Rich East Rocket Mathletes


To think it was nary a year ago that a whiff of a rumor circulated that Rich East High School might be closing.

The rumors originated with a poorly-worded letter from board member Cheryl Coleman to constituents that brought hundreds of concerned parents and students dressed in Rich East-green to the Rich South High School cafeteria in late February of last year. At the time, Board President Betty Owens told those gathered, "I want to assure you that that [the closing of Rich East] is a rumor."

Rich East continues to be the shining star in District 227, especially given the latest accomplishment of the school’s Mathletes.

Yes, the district is cash-strapped. The expense of operating the Southland College Prep Charter High School is grossly unfair to the taxpayers of District 227, and more unfair to the administration, students, and staff of Rich East, Rich South, and Rich Central High Schools, who have seen staff cut and class periods eliminated.

Which is all the more reason to sing the praises of the students, staff, and administration of Rich East High School. The Mathletes, the athletes, the scholars, musicians, one and all — they shine bright, and do us all proud.

Rockets are meant to fly. At Rich East, they do.