eNews Park Forest Celebrates Another Year: Thank Our Advertisers!

Gary Kopycinski

eNews Park Forest Welcomes 64,057 Site Visits in September

By Gary Kopycinski

Welcome to eNews Park Forest, where we’ve been publishing a lot of news for years, for hardly any money at all.

I tell my friends I feel like a ham radio operator. This has become a hobby that basically pays for itself. But doesn’t pay much more.

We’re lucky at eNews Park Forest. There are many, many people who contribute and give their time so Park Forest residents "and beyond" can be more informed. I don’t know what I’d do without their contributions.

First among them, I’d like to thank Rosemary Piser, who publishes non-stop, I think. Rosemary is responsible for publishing press releases from many, many sources. And she does that every day. So, please, click here and thank Rosemary for what she does. Every day.

I would also like you to please, please thank our advertisers. Please click on the advertisements you see in the margins to the right of this article. Thank them for advertising in eNews Park Forest. And buy their services or products.

Please, please thank Wish Photography. Wendy Heise has contributed many, many photographs to eNews Park Forest, for very little in return.

Please click on the ads and thank Tower Cleaners, Mike Jordan, and DonnerHollen Construction. They’ve been with us, basically, from the start. All three of them have done business in Park Forest for a long, long time, and we’re glad they’re with us on ENEWSPF.

And John Albrecht at Make It Straight deserves a visit, especially if your car has a scratch, or worse… John was also on board early advertising on eNews Park Forest.

Click on the advertisement from Superior Cabinets & Windows. Did you know you could get a "free Neptune double bowl stainless steel sink" at Superior if you print this page on their site?

Finally, please join me in welcoming our most recent advertiser, Governors State University! Park Foresters worked hard, many years ago, working to establish a University in the South Chicagoland area. Congratulate GSU on their 40th year, and thank everyone at GSU for all they do in the south suburbs of Chicago, "…and beyond."

Thank our past advertisers also: Quality Classic Fitness Center, Tall Grass Arts Association, Cremation Society of Illinois, and Relativity Resources. Please thank them! And encourage them to advertise again!

Thank our most recent advertiser, Loving Memorial Pet Care, with us for a few days. Thank them!

And, yes, thank Shire Enterprises web creations.

Do you know of a business in Park Forest that could benefit from advertising? That, of course, would be any business…. Encourage them to hook up with eNews Park Forest!

And you can help us even more by purchasing an annual subscription to eNews Park Forest! It’s only $25 annually! Click here for more information, or send a check for $25 to:

eNews Park Forest
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Please make your check payable to eNews Park Forest. I’ll publish a list of paid subscribers, and you’ll show your support publicly for what we do here, every day.

Look, one of the most discouraging things I ever heard was when I told a friend that he could help us by sending in a $25 voluntary subscription. "Oh, no!" was the reply. "If I can get it for free, I’ll take it."

Here’s the thing, as a friend of mine likes to say: we can only keep doing what we’re doing if you thank our advertisers, and remember them if you need anything local, or know anyone who needs anything local. So, please, click through and thank them. All of them. And, please, encourage others to advertise on eNews Park Forest.

Why should they advertise on eNews Park Forest? Because ENEWSPF has arrived. Tell them of the 64,057 visits to ENEWSPF in the month of September. That’s up from 56,604 site visits in August.

Do you know other Park Foresters who have not yet heard of eNews Park Forest? Please send us their email addresses, and we’ll invite them to read ENEWSPF!

We really do serve Park Forest, and beyond….