Health Care Already Is A Federal Issue: (Uninsured) People Cross State Lines All The Time

Brief Commentary
By Gary Kopycinski

After reading reports today of the grossly politicized hearings on Obamacare (Yes, Obama cares), it amazes me that Supreme Court Justices can be so obtuse. Comparing health insurance to cellphones? Really?

States obligate us to carry automobile insurance to spread the pool, protect the public, and keep costs down in the long run. As it stands now, those of us who can afford health insurance carry the burden for those who either cannot or will not.

And the problem already crosses state lines. This is a federal issue, demanding a federal solution.


If I go on vacation to another state, or travel across state lines, and sustain injury, and have no health insurance, when I go to the hospital, I will create a financial burden for the people in the other state.

It’s that simple.

Health care is a federal issue. People cross state lines all the time. Interstate commerce on this issue already exists. It’s a fact of life, no matter what.

Expand the pool and insurance costs come down for all of us. It’s simple math. Requiring people to purchase insurance is a simple solution to reduce costs in a system that is wildly out of control.

Or choose the wisest solution: single-payer, Medicare For All.

For-profit health insurance is the work of the Devil, pure and simple.