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Living United for Change In Arizona Responds to Trump’s Speech Suggesting Pardon for Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Living United for Change in Arizona
LUCHA – Living United for Change in Arizona

Statewide community organizing group responds to Trump’s Arizona visit

Phoenix, Arizona –(ENEWSPF)—August 23, 2017. In response to President Trump’s suggestion at his Phoenix rally that he may pardon former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Alejandra Gomez, Co-Executive Director of Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) issued the following statement:

“Joe Arpaio terrorized immigrant communities of color across Arizona for decades and broke the law repeatedly when his actions caught up with him. For someone with Arpaio’s record, even the idea of a pardon is a slap in the face to immigrants and communities of color – and one we will fight tooth and nail. Our communities know firsthand the terror of living under Arpaio’s lawless reign and will ensure that he gets the justice he rightly deserves.

“Trump’s continuing support for Arpaio is just a symptom of his even more alarming support for the most fringe elements of the far right, as demonstrated by his failure to condemn the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville. We will fight any attempt to legitimize those elements with even more ferocity than Joe Arpaio – and we will win.

“Through Trump’s election campaign, and now under his administration, Trump has emboldened white supremacy, racism and bigotry. These values have no place in this country, and the strength of today’s counter-protest showed that the vast majority of Arizonans agree, just as the overwhelming showing at anti-hate protests in Boston and other cities this weekend showed that Americans agree.

“We marched not just against Trump, not just against Arpaio, but against all those who would tolerate and abet racism and hate. We in Arizona have fought bigotry and we know that diversity, inclusion, and love make us stronger. We are not afraid to stand up and say hate is not welcome in Arizona or anywhere.

“We will continue to fight this administration’s hateful agenda and put up every roadblock possible to protect our communities. Trump must be held accountable not just to the people who voted them in office, but to all Americans, including those who did not vote for him.”

See videos and photos of yesterday’s rally in our social media platforms:





Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) is a dynamic, membership-led, grassroots organization, building power with Arizona’s working families to advance social, racial and economic justice for all. Through leadership development, grassroots campaigns, advocacy and civic engagement, we seek to create an Arizona in which every person enjoys equal rights, opportunities and protections.

People’s Action was formed last year with the merger of five national organizations, each with decades of organizing and activism history, creating one of the largest and fastest growing grassroots networks in the country. People’s action is more than a million people across 29 states working for economic, racial, gender and climate justice – and to ensure everyone a voice in our political system.

Source: Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA)


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