Look, Fools: Debbie Halvorson Is No Nazi


Look, Congresswoman Debbie Halvorsan is not a Nazi. That’s the truth.

I know this is Crazy Season, and people will do whatever possible to sully the reputation of good people during elections. This, however, is just too bizarre.

From Halvorson’s blog:

Last Wednesday, Bill Preston, an Illinois resident, arrived at an event in Joliet, IL to protest the group Americans for Prosperity, an organization supporting policies that outsource Illinois jobs and privatize Social Security and Medicare. Preston, not affiliated with the Halvorson for Congress Campaign or the Illinois Democratic Party, used several signs with pictures of notable conservative figures, including Congressional candidate Adam Kinzinger (IL-11), doctored to look like Nazi leader, Adolph Hitler.

Upon word that these signs were used, the Halvorson for Congress campaign condemned the actions of Mr. Preston and stated that the Congresswoman’s campaign was not affiliated with Mr. Preston’s individual and inexcusable protest.

Congresswoman Halvorson condemned Mr. Preston’s actions in two different media outlets (one posted on 9/16, and one posted on 9/17), and Adam Kinzinger continued to release false claims about Halvorson’s involvement and even used the unfortunate and condemnable actions of one man as an excuse to raise campaign funds.

Yesterday, Bill Preston came clean to Media Matters, an internet media watchdog organization, and even stated that he would never support Congresswoman Halvorson because of her conservative views supporting the National Rifle Association.

Below are links and clips of news stories highlighting Halvorson’s condemnation of Preston’s actions and Mr. Kinzinger’s insistence on perpetuating this unfortunate distraction from his policies that have proven to ship tens of thousands of jobs overseas and that would threaten retirement security for millions of Illinois seniors.

Get this again: Bill Preston himself said he is not affiliated in any with Halvorson nor would he support her.

Stop this foolisness and move on.