Reviews Of Romney’s “Major Economic Speech” Are In

“No New Policy Proposals”… “Largely A Repeat”… “No Specificity”… “Nothing New”… “Heard Many, Many Times Before”… “Nothing Groundbreaking”… “Repackaging”… “No New Policy Details”

CHICAGO–(ENEWSPSF)–October 29, 2012.

VIDEO: Bloomberg’s Margaret Talev: “If you were hoping to get more meat on the bone other than the five points that Governor Romney just outlined in those highlights, you were not going to hear it today in Ames.” 

VIDEO: CNN’s Jim Acosta: “Mitt Romney travelled to the important battleground state of Iowa to deliver what his aides were building up as a major speech on the economy. But the speech was no big change from Romney’s theme of the week, that he’s now the candidate of big change.”

VIDEO: Bloomberg’s Lisa Lerer: “Oh not only was there no specificity, there was nothing new. Everything in the speech, folks who have covered the governor for the past year and a half, as I have, have heard many, many times before.”

CNN: “The speech, billed by aides as a major address on the economy, was largely a repeat of remarks Romney had given on the stump at rallies across Ohio a day earlier. The GOP presidential nominee did not outline new policy positions, instead using lofty rhetoric to make his final pitch to undecided voters.”

New York Times: “Aides had said the speech would be a significant one, though Mr. Romney offered no new policy proposals. Mr. Obama’s campaign seized on that omission.”

Bloomberg: “Romney offered no new specifics for policy changes beyond what he’s already laid out on the campaign trail.”

Associated Press: “Romney did not unveil specific plans in an economic address in Iowa, but heaped criticism on President Barack Obama.”

The Atlantic: “Mitt Romney gave a supposedly Major Speech on the Economy in Iowa on Friday … But there was nothing groundbreaking in the speech. Of the 2,700 words in Romney’s prepared text, the first 1,500 consisted of a familiar critique of Obama and his campaign.”

Wall Street Journal: “The speech was billed as an economic address, but Mr. Romney painted a picture of his presidency with broad strokes rather than offering new policy details.”

Politico: “Mitt Romney offered no new policy details in what his campaign billed as a major economic speech here Friday. He sought instead to raise the election’s stakes, promising to improve the lives of regular people and bring ‘big change’ to Washington.”

ABC: “Mitt Romney delivered a closing argument here today, repackaging his familiar talking points into a prepared speech that promoted his idea of a ‘big change’ election.”