SEIU: All Working People Stand to Gain When Fast Food Workers Can Afford to Help Drive the Economy Forward

WASHINGTON, DC–(ENEWSPF)–November 30, 2012.  Following is a statement by Mary Kay Henry, President of SEIU, in support of fast food workers in New York City who went on strike today.

“People who work for large, profitable corporations like those in the fast food industry should be paid enough to afford basics like housing and groceries for their families. But the reality is that hundreds of thousands of fast food workers need food stamps and other help from public assistance and private charities just to tread water in this economy.”

“Fast food workers, like workers at Walmart and workers in airports, are taking a brave step forward together to call for a living wage and a voice at work so they can lift themselves out of poverty and contribute more to the entire economy. We all stand to gain when workers can better afford to drive the economy forward.”