SEIU Makes Major Cable Ad Buy as Part of National Multimillion Dollar Commonsense Immigration Reform Campaign

Message to Congress: “In America, we fix what’s broken.”

WASHINGTON, DC–(ENEWSPF)–March 26, 2013.  As part of a multifaceted national campaign, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is launching a new national cable television ad on Wednesday to continue the urgent call for commonsense immigration reform.

The $300,000 ad, “America,” runs for a week on the most-watched cable news programs. This is the first television ad and second major buy (the first buy ran on Spanish-language radio last month) in a series of ads that SEIU will run to continue the drum beat for immigration reform.

“Our immigration system is broken and Congress has a chance to fix it for good….Because in America, we fix what’s broken,” the ad states, as a work crew repairs a damaged flagpole that holds the American flag.

The multipronged campaign also includes grassroots and field actions, coordinated calls to Congress and a major rally April 10 on Capitol Hill with tens of thousands of participants from across the country. The goal of this intense campaign is to urge lawmakers to pass a bipartisan immigration bill that includes a clear and direct roadmap to citizenship.

“Time and again, I hear stories about hardworking people who have been separated from their families because of mixed immigration status or who have lived here for years in the shadows because our immigration system is broken,” SEIU President Mary Kay Henry said. “There is a diverse and growing consensus that we, as a nation, must find a solution that gives deserving, aspiring citizens the opportunity to come out of the shadows and into the fore of our democracy and economy.”

“Congress should get the message that the American public is ready for immigration reform,” Henry added. “Generations of workers and determined families from all walks of life have continuously contributed to our society and economy. Together, we have proven that America works best when we all do our part together.”

A copy of “America” can be viewed here (

Announcer: In America, we fix what’s broken…by working together.

It’s who we are.

Our immigration system is broken…

And Congress has a chance to fix it …

The fair and accountable way.

With back taxes paid, English learned and a real path to citizenship.

No half measures. Let’s fix it once and for all.

Tell Congress–Pass common sense IMMIGRATION reform with an earned path to citizenship.

Because In America, we fix what’s broken.