SEIU: Romney Swings and Misses on Univision

SEIU: Talking Points at a Town Hall Don’t Erase Mitt Romney’s Record on Issues Latino Families Care About

Washington, D.C.–(ENEWSPF)–September 20, 2012.  Following is a statement by SEIU International Secretary Treasurer Eliseo Medina regarding Mitt Romney’s appearance yesterday at a Univision-sponsored forum at University of Miami.

“A carefully prepped town hall meeting like the one at Miami University can’t erase the truth about Mitt Romney’s positions on issues important to Latino families. Tonight he would not directly answer whether he would overturn the President’s deferred action for DREAMers, but he did reiterate his support for Arizona-like laws and his promise to repeal health care for 9 million Latinos by repealing the Affordable Care Act.

“In the last 48 hours, we’ve seen candid video of Mitt Romney showing contempt for hardworking people and joking that if he were Latino, he’d stand a better chance at the presidency. We’re not laughing. There’s a reason Mitt Romney’s lagging in the polls among Latinos, and it has nothing to do with where he was born or who he was born to. He’s told us time and again where he stands on the issues important to Latino families, and he’s simply not on our side. We care about access to opportunity, health care, good jobs and good education, and fixing our broken immigration system-just like other working people. Mitt Romney’s clearly out of touch and can barely hide his contempt for those who didn’t have the luck to be born rich. Mitt Romney’s words and actions speak volumes.”

Mitt Romney in his own words shows:

“It’s clear that Mitt Romney’s policies in total would hurt Latino families, and on November 6th we will make our voices heard,” Medina said.