SEIU’s Henry: Romney speech ‘Driven by a Platform That is Completely Detached From the Reality of Working People’s Lives and Driven by Divisiveness’

Washington, D.C.–(ENEWSPF)–August 31, 2012.  Following is a statement by Mary Kay Henry, president of SEIU, regarding Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech tonight.

“Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech capped off an RNC driven by a platform that is completely detached from the reality of working people’s lives and driven by divisiveness.

“If Americans take Mitt Romney’s advice and judge him by his actions, not words, they will see a candidate who vows to make lives better for working families, but whose
extreme policy proposals send a clear message that we are all on our own.

“As a businessman, he didn’t think twice before slashing jobs or shipping them overseas if it meant more profits and bonuses. As a candidate he touts job creation, yet his proposals focus on tax cuts for the rich and big corporations. Any talk about protecting Americans who may need a helping hand is dwarfed by dangerous, destructive proposals such as denying seniors and children access to affordable healthcare.

“Though Romney tries to divide us, Republicans, Democrats and independents share a desire to take care of their families, educate their kids, live healthy lives and leave a better future for the next generation. Romney’s actions sharply contrast with President Obama’s more inclusive vision that is backed by action demonstrating he understands working people’s daily reality.”