Sierra Club Statement on President Obama’s Energy Policy

Coral Gables, FL–(ENEWSPF)–February 24, 2012.  Yesterday President delivered a speech at the University of Miami laying out his Administration’s energy policies.

In response, Michael Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, issued the following statement:

“The Sierra Club is encouraged by the President’s continued commitment in his speech today to double down on clean energy sources like wind, solar and energy efficiency for economic growth and job creation. We applaud the President’s goals for ramping up new American manufacturing, new skills and education for American workers and new sources of American-made energy – there is no better way to fulfill those goals than with a clean energy economy.

“As the President said, rising gas prices are a painful reminder of why we need to move beyond oil.  We will not drill our way out of this perennial problem.  We need to move beyond dirty fossil fuels and keep fragile, treasured places like the Polar Bear Seas in the Arctic out of polluters’ reach.

“The President’s historic fuel economy and pollution standards will put better, more fuel efficient cars on the road.   These standards are the biggest single step we can take to break our dangerous addiction to oil and they will save Americans billions at the pump.

“We urge the President to deliver our cleanest, quickest and cheapest options first, and resist falling back on more expensive and dangerous new nuclear power and fracked natural gas.  As it stands, the Sierra Club has no confidence in the secretive and toxic practices of natural gas fracking, nor do we think that new nuclear has any role to play in America’s clean energy future. The more we leverage cheap energy efficiency, the fewer new power plants and fracking wells we will need.”