Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on Right to Work in Michigan

Washington, DC–(ENEWSPF)–December 6, 2012.

Political partisanship reigns supreme in Michigan today, thanks to a radical group of Republicans ramming through so-called right to work legislation in the lame duck session, despite massive protests in the state’s capitol building. The people in the capitol and around the state are demanding that legislators  focus on an agenda that puts families and communities first, yet these Republican legislators and Gov. Rick Snyder are willing to put politics ahead of Michigan’s well-being.

This legislation is about silencing the voices of working families in our democracy at a time when what we need is for people to have a stronger voice in building our future.  Now, more than ever, people in Lansing and Michigan need to work together to rebuild and focus on the big issues that bring people together. This could not be more divisive.

Gov. Snyder’s sideshow of a press conference today was an utterly disingenuous attempt to mislead. With his announcement, Gov. Snyder joins a list of other governors – John Kasich, Scott Walker, and others — who have acted to put the future of their states in the hands of big corporations and CEOs and leave working families behind.