Wisconsin Workers: Walker Appearance Suggests Romney, Ryan Will ‘Continue Class War on Working People’

Washington, DC–(ENEWSPF)–August 28, 2012.  Tonight, Governor Scott Walker will take the stage at the Republican National Convention to endorse the policies of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan – policies that would crush Wisconsin’s working middle class, rob Wisconsin seniors of retirement security and deny Wisconsinites their opportunity to realize the American Dream. 

Jim Garity, from Palmyra, Wisconsin, had this to say concerning Walker’s appearance at the convention:

“Americans saw firsthand the dirty, ‘divide and conquer’ politics Scott Walker employed to steal rights away from Wisconsin’s teachers, EMTs, corrections officers and other public sector workers.  The Koch brothers may have Governor Walker on speed dial, but for the sake of working Americans everywhere, let’s make sure they don’t get an open line to the White House.

“Like Scott Walker, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will continue the war on working people by ramming through an agenda that lowers taxes on the rich, raises them on everyone else, and robs seniors of Medicare and Social Security.  President Obama and Vice President Biden will unite us to secure an economy where everyone has a fair chance at success and economic security.”

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Source: http://www.afscme.org