Do You Know Your ‘Weeds?’ Take the Challenge & Win a Prize

MAINE–(ENEWSPF)–August 14, 2012.  We go through a debate every few weeks at our house until my wife overrules my daughter and forces me to mow the lawn, including the areas we endeavor to keep “nice” and the outlying areas where I like to call it “naturalized.” To my daughter all the non-grass plants that pop up are more flowers for her bouquets. Eventually, for my wife (and me), the weeds become a bit too much of a symbol of our independence — given that we rent a house in suburbia and like to at least try to (somewhat) fit in.

So last Saturday, with my sad daughter in tow, we set out to photograph and identify all the flowers that volunteered to make our organic yard beautiful — before I trimmed them away with my electric rotary mower. And we decided to make a contest out of it, for her and you.

Do you know your lawn weeds? At least the ones in the Northeast? Well, if so, take a look at these photos. Everyone who identifies all six weeds correctly will be entered to win a free T-shirt that states: “Kiss My Grass: It’s Organic.” And everyone who gets all six answers correct will receive copies of our award-winning instructional DVD titled “Making the Organic Lawn Care Transition.”

Just send your answers to [email protected] by next Monday, Aug. 20 when we post another batch of six plants from our bounty out back.

Here you go: