Switching to Organics: The 12-Step Manifesto

MAINE–(ENEWSPF)–October 1, 2012.  

For when times get tough in the organic fight, either in your personal lawn or your personal commitment to the larger cause, here is my 12-STEP ORGANIC MANIFESTO that I first published several years ago when I first vowed to be an organic crusader. Patterned after the more famous12-step program, this Manifesto worth going back to once in a while:

Step 1. We begin to question if our present lawn and lawn-care maintenance program is unwieldy, unmanageable, too expensive, impractical and potentially not safe.

2. We begin to believe that as citizens of the earth, we may find a kinder, gentler approach to our lawns and landscapes.

3. After review of more natural alternatives, we make an affirmative decision to change.

4. We reaffirm that aesthetics is simply never a good enough reason to risk damaging the health of our families, our pets and our planet.

5. We openly admit to ourselves and others that our previous system of landscaping was flawed.

6. We rid our home of any potential poisons associated with our lawns and landscapes and begin to seek out alternatives.

7. We seek professional help, in the form of books, magazines, support groups and certified landscape professionals.

8. We make a list of every specific reason we are making this change, of the insects, air, water, birds, animals and people we may have harmed, and we keep the list close at hand.

9. We consciously appreciate the ecosystem around us and vow to become more aware of our daily place within a harmonious system.

10. We reaffirm our faith in doing the right thing whenever we encounter difficulties in our transition.

11. We commit to an ongoing educational process, making ourselves aware of new products, techniques, services, service providers, legislation and alternatives.

12. Armed with knowledge and experience as the result of these steps, we carry our message of “Why Organic, Why Now” into the community.

Source: http://www.safelawns.org