The Risks of Drilling in Alaska’s Arctic Ocean

Washington, D.C.–(ENEWSPF)–August 20, 2012.  As offshore oil drilling edges ever closer to becoming a reality in the Arctic Ocean, the Center for American Progress released the video “Oil and Ice Don’t Mix: The Risks of Drilling in Alaska’s Arctic Ocean,” which examines the region’s lack of readiness in the event of a spill.

As Shell waits for heavy sea ice to clear and the Coast Guard to certify its containment barge, the fact remains that this region has far fewer resources to contain an oil spill than did the Gulf of Mexico. Even with the Gulf’s warm water and weather, large population centers, and decades of research and drilling experience, oil flowed unabated for three months in 2010, wreaking economic havoc and devastating the environment.

If drilling in the Arctic starts next year, these fundamental infrastructure challenges still must be addressed.  This six minute video highlights the perspectives of those who depend on the Arctic Ocean for their livelihood, the concerns and challenges facing the Coast Guard charged with its protection, and the grave doubts of the scientific community about the lack of knowledge in this area.

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Narration by Anna Cranage Conathan

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